The Galway Girl Song

The Galway Girl Song

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The Galway Girl song is loved worldwide, it’s a really nice song about a Galway girl that is really catchy and just a cool piece of songwriting! Ed Sheeran’s version of the Galway Girl has become a massive hit in recent years, it’s a song that just takes your attention and you start to sing along to it.

The Galway Girl was created by Steve Earle and originally recorded by Irish woman Sharon Shannon. The song was in Steve Earles album released in 2000 called Transcendental Blues!

The song tells a story of a black-haired blue-eyed girl from Galway and references some local parts of Galway, including The Long Walk and Salthill. The Irish musician Mundy did a version of the song with Sharon Shannon that was a big hit and the most downloaded tune in 2008.

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Galway is located in the province of Connacht in Ireland, the super cool city is also known as the city of the tribes, the fourteen families to be correct.

Galway is a vibrant city full of Irish culture, historic building and some beautiful coastal areas including one of Irelands National parks being Connemara in County Galway.

Galway is a beautiful city and county to visit, its a city that has many good festivals and events. Galway has a rich history dating back to the 1100s. The city is close to the Burren region and the cliffs of mother and is a hot spot for tourist travelling around the Emerald Isle!

The biggest ever performance of the Galway girl was performed on the street of Galway city on the 11th of June 2016! A massive 15,000 people came to see the performance by Sharon Shannon, Mundy, Amazing Apples and We Banjo 3, it was a good day, actually, it was a record-breaking day!!

Irish Music

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Here in Ireland, we have many great musicians, bands like U2 and Sinead O’Connor who have had great success in the music industry, Ireland is known for its music sessions, Trad we call it! It involves multiple musicians playing different musical instruments together, its sounds really amazing and it makes your knee wobble like crazy!!!

In Ireland, we love a good session, a live music session that is in a nice warm cosy pub, its great craic! Most of the good pubs have live traditional Irish music and hopefully, you will see lots of this when visiting Galway and Ireland and maybe hear the Galway girl performed live!

Steve Earle’s Galway Girl

Steve Earle’s is the original writer of the song, you have to say he done a good job! The song is a story about a girl that he sees in Galway, and he’s blown away by her! The song was featured in steve Earles album released in 2000 called Transcendental Blues.

Steve sings about his reactions to this stunning Galway girl with black hair and blue eyes. This girl had some effect on Steve! Sharon Shannon recorded the song with Steve Earles, and it was released in Steve Earle’s album Transcendental blues and Sharon Sahnnons album The Diamon mountain sessions both came out in the year 2000.

Shannon Shannon and Mundys Galway Girl

Sharon Shannon is an Irish musician known for playing the button accordion, she is a great player of the fiddle. Sharon Shannon comes from county Clare in Ireland, she did a cover version of the Galway girl the Irish band Mundy.

In 2009 the track became the most downloaded and Sharon Shannon won a lifetime achievement award. The Irish musician Mundy whose real name is Edmund Enright performed the famous sone with Sharon Shannon which became a huge hit!

Ed Sheeran Galway Girl

Ed Sheeran’s version of Galway girl has been a massive hit, the Youtube video has 494 million views! The singer realised the song in 2017 on Saint Patricks Day, The song entered the charts in thirty-one countries worldwide.

The Galway Girl by Ed Sheeran received a platinum certification and multi-platinum in thirteen countries. The song has had over 214 million streams on Spotify which is unreal. Ed Sheeran’s version embodies Irish culture with some Irish dancing in the video, pints of Guinness and a lock-in!

The cool combination of some Irish music matched with nice lyrics and kinda rapping makes a nice song an even better tune! Ed Sheeran had to fight off his record label asking that the song not be included in his album but Ad knew it was going to be a massive hit and made sure it was included in his album.

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