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Hello and Welcome to All Things Ireland!☘️☘️☘️

My name is John Conway😀😀😀,

I love All Things Ireland and I love the ☘️Emerald Isle.☘️ I live in a beautiful country full of history, cool sites and great scenery. Ireland has a lot to offer visitors, lots of attractions and lots of history. The aim of my website is to give you some useful information and content about the Emerald Isle☘️, places to see when travelling around the ☘️Emerald Isle☘️ and information on things to do.

I have worked for a number of transport companies and I have been self-employed in the transport sector, I have experience in the touring sector driving buses🚐, coaches🚌, and cars🚗 and Mpv’s with groups of all sizes travelling all over ☘️Ireland.☘️

I’m hoping to give you a taste of ☘️the Emerald Isle☘️ and all its beauty on this site!

Here in Ireland, we have a lot to offer, visitor sites, golf, boat trips, pints of Guinness, craft beers🍺, bacon🥓 and cabbage🥦 and the list goes on. I got into online stuff a while back and I’m still learning about online businesses but I do understand the tourism sector. I have travelled with many groups, meeting people at first at the airport✈️ and getting to know them over the coming days.

I have had some great fun meeting people and families and getting to know them, then after a while becoming their friends on Facebook. I love the Irish American connection. ☘️The Emerald Isle☘️ is full of interesting places to visit from underground caves to old 🕈Celtic high crosses.🕈 We have some really cool old medieval castles🏰 to see, add them to your bucket list!

SO if you want to see Ireland, drop me an email on info@allthings-ireland.com, I will mail you back and help you if I can. ☘️The Emerald Isle☘️ is full of great beaches☀️, cool tourist attractions, really old sites and great Irish pubs. If you want to have the craic (means having🍺 fun😎) come to the Emerald Isle and see the real fun in the pubs and the real craic that is part of our culture.

Sometimes the weather isn’t always good in ☘️Ireland☘️!!!! Our climate isn’t our best asset!🌧️🌧️🌧️🌧️

There are many beautiful parts of☘️Ireland☘️, the Rock of Cashel😀, the Cliffs of Moher😀, the Ring of Kerry😀 just to mention a few!!! Please see our blog page for lots of articles on interesting places to visit in the☘️ Emerald Isle.☘️

Check out my full Travel Guide for visiting the Emerald Isle here!

I know some of the best sites😀 to visit for groups of all ages in the ☘️Emerald Isle☘️ and I have experience in travelling around with groups. If you are planning a trip to the ☘️Emerald Isle☘️, I can help you with some or all aspects of your trip. The important thing is that you plan the trip according to your needs. Its always a good idea to have a detailed travel itinerary📖 for a group, working out the whole trip and planning each day and this can be in paper format or another format, such as a PDF.

Sometimes things can go against you like flight times✈️ or delays and plans can throw up in the air because of this, this is why it’s sometimes better to have a small travel planner that can allow for these problems and can make the bad experience a bit of fun if it does happen.😀😀😀

If you are interested in coming to ☘️the Emerald Isle☘️ or you know somebody that is coming to Ireland, drop me a line via email and I will help you if I can. I can advise you on various attractions, hotel’s,🛏️ tourist sites and some cool towns and villages to check out off the normal tourist tracks!😎

It’s great to see people enjoying themselves visiting various locations around ☘️the Emerald Isle☘️ and making sure they have an enjoyable experience while travelling around ☘️the Emerald Isle☘️, this is me below with a group from South Korea having the craic!!!

Ireland has many nice castles now turned into top-class hotels and great golf courses like the picture below of Dromoland Castle🛏️ in County Clare which is one of☘️ the Emerald Isles☘️ top hotels and golf courses. This hotel is a 5-star rating and is a very popular location for weddings😊.

This is me below with a high profile visitor to the ☘️Emerald Isle☘️ who is on Brazilian TV📺 daily. I worked for a company who were involved in the transport of a number of VIP passengers visiting☘️ Ireland☘️ including President Trump’s and Mike Pence’s visit to☘️ Ireland☘️ in 2019. I have been involved in the transport of some high profile VIP visitor’s to Limerick and County Limerick. 😎

I have travelled with groups from all over the world, Chinese groups🐼, South Koreans, lots of Americans and lots of Europeans. I enjoy meeting new people and showing them some nice areas of the ☘️Emerald Isle☘️, its great to see people reactions to☘️ Ireland’s☘️ beautiful sites and attractions! Everybody loves the Cliffs of Moher!! 😃

This is me and my other half Louise, in the photo below and we are out and about on a day trip to Lahinch County Clare. We love to travel🚗 around the ☘️Emerald Isle☘️ and we go on road trips regularly, you can see we are having the craic!!!😎


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John C😎😄😎☘️

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