Best Pubs in Galway Ireland

Best Pubs in Galway Ireland

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Galway has loads of nice pubs, I can’t fit them all into this post, so I’m going to mention the top bars only! If I have left you out I apologise in advance! Galway is known as the city of the tribes, it’s a great city and county to visit while on holiday or maybe you are getting away for a weekend in Ireland.  The Irish (Gaelic) word for Galway is Gaillimh!

The city centre has lots of great pubs with live music and some cool beer gardens to enjoy. A good pint of Guinness is a must in any Irish pub!!! If you’re on holiday you have to try the bars in this post, as we say in Ireland you will have the craic. These pubs are perfect for a pub crawl or a fun night out on a pub crawl going from one pub to the next.

O Connells Bar Eyre Square

o connells bar galway ireland
Photo via O Connells Bar Facebook Page

This pub is class, it is located across from the lovely Eyre square. The interior has a classical old feel that is blended with some modern twists. You will get a nice pint of Guinness at O Connells Bar, trust me! Pizza is available to try with some ice-cold beers, the beer garden is a great spot to relax after a long day.

O Connells features live music and the atmosphere in this bar is electric in the evening time. Ed Sheeran’s video for his version of the Galway Girl was filmed in O Connell’s bar, this makes this bar a hot spot for Ed Sheeran fans, it’s great to see him coming back to the city of the tribes where he used to Busk before he became a megastar!

Tigh Chóilí Pub

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This pub is located on Mainguard St, The Latin Quarter, in the city of the tribes. The bar has an Irish name it’s known for great Irish music sessions. In the summertime, this bar will be packed with people looking to have a few pints and hear some good traditional Irish music sessions. 

This bar has a great buzz and feel to it, it’s full of interesting people and musicians playing great music all night. The bar has a seated area outside, this is the perfect spot on a nice summer day to enjoy the local atmosphere of the city. The toilets are down a steep set of steps so take your time and don’t lose your footing! This is one of the best pubs in Gaillimh (Irish), you have to pop in for a look!

Tigh Neachtain Pub

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This cool Irish pub dates back to 1894 and is located at 17 Cross Street in the city of the tribes. The interior of the bar has a warm and cosy feel. The décor of the bar is really classical with lots of aged timber that creates a really nice retro Irish pub. There is a really nice outdoor seating area, you can sit outside with a cold beer and experience the busy streets of the City!

There are food and snacks on offer and plenty of different kinds of drinks. There is a lunch menu and a light bights menu, all with locally sourced foods!  You will get a nice creamery pint of Guinness in the Tigh Neachtain pub. You have to pop in for one or two! The bar has live music during the week and is the perfect spot for a good night while visiting Gaillimh (Irish).

An Púcán Pub

an Pucan pub galway 1
Photo via An Pucans Facebook Page

The An Pucan bar is a must-see while in the city of the tribes, tis a great spot for a few pints of the black stuff! The bar is located at 11 Forster Street.  The interior of the bar is very welcoming, and the Guinness from this bar gets some good reviews.

It’s a popular bar with locals from around the city. The bar has a friendly and bright atmosphere. The food menu is excellent, everything from breakfast to a seafood platter. There is a large whiskey drinks menu on offer. An Pucan pub is another cracker of the pub to check out while visiting the city!

Taaffes Bar

Taaffes bar Galway
Photo via Taaffes Bar Facebook Page

Taaffe’s Bar is located in Gaillimh (Irish) Latin Quarter, and the pub is in a vibrant area of the city. Taaffes is known as a sporting pub with a strong GAA following. The Latin Quarter of the city of the tribes is located in a very busy section of the city. The food menu is mainly breakfast, soups, salads and sandwiches, they do a really nice ham and cheese toastie with soup, it’s very good.

This bar is known for its music session and loads of visitors and locals flock to Taaffes to hear some good Irish tunes.  Taaffes features evening music sessions and nighttime music sessions so it’s really a very good bar for entertainment. I recommend arriving early if you plan on staying for both the evening sessions and night times sessions because it gets quite busy and seating is limited so get in early and get a good seat!

The Roisin Dubh

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This pub and music venue are one of the best music venues in the whole of the Emerald Isle. The Rosin Dubh is located on 9 Dominic Street Upper. Many a big act has performed at the Roisin Dubh down through the years, it’s a great spot for music.

This cool music venue is the place to go for live gigs and comedy events in Gaillimh (Irish). The buzzing atmosphere in the Roisin Dubh is why people come back again and again for more.  The comedy nights are very entraining, full of Irish fun and craic. The Roisin Dubh features up and coming bands and artists, this venue is a great spot for up and coming talent!

The Front Door Bar

the front door Pub Galway
Photo via The Front Bor Bars Facebook Page

This lively Irish pub covers two large floors, The Front Door Bar is located in the buzzing Latin Quarter area. The Latin Quarter is known as the social hub in the city of the tribes and is full of craic and culture. The pub features loads of sports events on big screens, everything from soccer matches to hurling and rugby games. The pub has a really cool Whiskey bar called “Sonny’s Bar” with a huge selection of all types of Irish whiskeys.

This whiskey bar features a 16-year-old Whiskey called “Redbreast” The bar serves a vast range of beers and wines and some really good craft beers.  The Tigh Nora is next door and part of the Front Door Business, they serve wine, spirits and all kinds of refreshments, you have to pop in there for a look while in Gaillimh (Irish).

If you like cocktails you will love this bar, the cocktail menu is huge and has something for everybody! There is breakfast, lunch and a dinner menu, the food is top class. This pub has it all in bag loads!!!

The Quays Bar and Restaurant

the quays bar galway
Photo via The Quays Bar Galway Facebook Page

This cosy Irish pub is located in the Quay area in the city centre on 11 Quay street. This pub is full of nice characters that pop in for a pint or two. The bar has two spacious levels. The staff are very friendly, and the Guinness is as creamery as you will get! The Quays has some great live music events, it’s a great pub to spend an evening or two in! We don’t do things in ones in Ireland!!!

There is a big screen for all the sporting events and plenty of cold drinks to choose from. The food menus are very interesting with some nice seafood dishes to check out. It’s another great bar in Gaillimh (Irish) to visit for a few as we say in Ireland!

You can make a booking online on the Quays website. The Quays hosted loads of events like corporate nights out and stag and hens parties, it’s a very popular venue all around.

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