2 Days in Kerry

2 Days in Kerry

2 Days in Kerry
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The region of Kerry in Ireland has a number of great areas, towns and villages. Ireland is full of beautiful colourful villages and towns and Kerry has plenty to see. Kerry is located in southern Ireland in the province of Munster. In this post, I have included some cool places to visit and interesting things to do while you are visiting Kerry.

It’s no secret that Kerry is a beautiful part of Ireland, it has some of the best sections of the Wild Atlantic Way route which is just an amazing route to travel along. Some of my personal favourite parts of Kerry are Killarney, Dingle, Tralee, The Ring of Kerry and The Slea Head drive. You can’t beat a trip to the kingdom it’s just unreal in every way!

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Tralee Ireland
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Visit the town of Tralee, this Irish town is located 30 minutes from Killarney and 45 minutes from Dingle. The town is known for the Rose of Tralee festival that takes place each year in Tralee. The Rose of Tralee festival is broadcast on Irish TV, it’s a big deal, large numbers flock to Tralee every year for the festival.

You can check out some really good golf course in Kerry, Tralee golf course is one of them, it’s a really nice course to play. There are a number of cool historic buildings located in Tralee and there is a museum to check out in Tralee, The Kerry County Museum has loads of interesting stuff to see, there is a Tom Crean room, and a medieval experience to check out in the museum!

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Check out Castlegregory

Castlegregory Kery Ireland
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Castlegregory is located on the Wild Atlantic Way route. Castlegregory has a beautiful beach and some really cool sand dunes to check out. The views from the beach are really fantastic.

You can go swimming in Castlegregory or rent out a paddle boat and paddle around the bay area. You can hire out some small boats also in Castlegregory.

The area has some cool pubs to check out. There is a beautiful viewpoint close to Castlegregory that is just amazing, it’s one of the ten highest viewpoints in Ireland, this viewpoint is called Mount Brendan and its a just a 30-minute drive from Castlegregory.

This viewpoint has some of the best scenery you will see, it shows the coast of Ireland at its best. There is parking in the area, this is a beautiful area for some selfies!! It’s one of the best in Kerry!

Visit Annascaul

Statue of Tom Crean Annascaul
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Annascaul is a small village located around 30 minutes from Dingle and 45 minutes from Killarney. Annascaul was the birthplace of one of the Irelands most famous explorer Tom Crean.

Tom Crean was awarded the Albert Medal for his bravery during an Antarctic exploration where he saved the life of Lieutenant Evans by pulling him in a sledge for 18 hours. Its was an incredible act of bravery.

Tom Crean retired and purchased the South Pole Inn pub in Annascaul and ran it for many years. You need to pop in the South Pole Inn for a pint or maybe some lunch.

There is a statue dedicated to Tom Crean across from the South Pole Inn, it’s really cool. The pub has loads of memorabilia about Tom Crean. Annascaul has a hostel run by Paddy Wagon Tours if you are looking for some cheap accommodation.

Go Surfing on Inch Beach

Inch Beach Kerry Ireland
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Inch beach is located on route to Dingle from Killarney, the beach is another fantastic place to visit in Kerry. The area is very popular with surfers, they hit the big waves at Inch Beach all year round. You can hire out a surfboard and wetsuit or maybe go windsurfing.

The beach is a nice place to go for a walk, it has some really scenic views. There is a nice little café and gift shop right next to the beach, the gift shop has plenty of Ireland merchandise on offer, it’s a good spot to pick up some gifts for family and friends.

Check out Conor Pass

Conor Pass kerry Ireland
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Conor Pass is one of Irelands highest viewpoints, it’s just amazing to stop there and check out the views. Be warned tho the road towards Conor Pass from Tralee is quite narrow and can be dangerous at times.

The area is so high up, there is regularly heavy fog. Conor pass is an amazing viewpoint to visit, it has some the best views of the Dingle Peninsula you will see. There is plenty of FREE parking. It’s a must-see while travelling towards Dingle.

Put your head down in Dingle

Dingle Kerry Ireland
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The town of Dingle is a hotspot in Ireland. It’s full of old Irish pubs with great characters, a beautiful fishing harbour and tons of things to see and do. There are loads of places to stay in Dingle, I’m recommending John Bennys, for food and drinks! I have eaten there a lot and the food is excellent.

John Bennys have seafood and all types of Irish dishes, there are lots of nice drinks in the bar and it very centrally located in Dingle. John Bennys is reasonably priced with a great location and within a few minutes walk of downtown Dingle!

Dingle has loads of stuff to see and do, there’s the Dingle Distillery that makes gin, vodka and whiskey. You can take a tour of the distillery and try some good Irish spirits. You have to check out Dick Macks pub while visiting Dingle! It’s a really cool pub!

Day 2 Go see Fungi the Dolphin

Fungi the Dolphin Dingle Kerry Ireland
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Fungi have been around Dingle since 1983, he has amazed many experts. You can take a boat trip out to see Fungi performing and jumping up out of the water.

It’s a really cool boat tour, you will be guaranteed to see Fungi jumping up swimming alongside the boats. Tis great craic. It’s a really great activity to do with children. Children are amazed by Fungi.

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Do the Slea Head Drive

The slea head drive Kerry Ireland
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The Slea Head Drive is arguably one of Ireland most enjoyable roundtrips, it covers a fairly small distance but it’s packed with stuff to see and do. You have to travel the route clockwise, so be warned, do not travel the Slea Hea drive anticlockwise!!!

There’s so much to see, there’s Paudies O Shea’s pub full of cool photos of famous visitors to the pub down through the years, Tom Crusie and Dolly Parton just to mention a few. There is a statue dedicated to Paudie O Shea outside the pub, Paudie was one of Ireland’s most gifted footballers, he won many All Ireland medals as a player and as a manager.

You can hold a baby lamb on the Slea Head Drive, it’s a cool attraction, there are some really old beehive huts to check out in the hold a lamb farm.

This sheep farm is a major tourist attraction and located in a special scenic area, there’s plenty of FREE parking, you can see some really clever Irish sheepdogs. You can visit an old church, Gallarus Oratory is a cool attraction on the Slea Head drive.

The Oratory is an amazing example of an early Christian church. It’s a cool place to visit, you will see one of the earliest surviving Christian churches in the whole of Ireland. The Slea Head Drive is just pure class, it’s so scenic and just an amazing route, you will be taking lots of photos on this route!

Visit the Ceann Sibéal viewing point

the Ceann Sibeal viewing point kerry ireland
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There are loads of really nice views along the Slea Head drive, this is one of the best, in my opinion, it’s unreal. Its shows and highlights what the Wild Atlantic Way is all about, tis unreal!

There isn’t a whole load of parking at this viewpoint, but it a must-see and you have to pull up and take a look! You have to try the seafood in Doyles Seafood Restaurant! Dingle has loads of good eating houses, the town has great fresh seafood on a daily basis because of all the boats that arrive back to Dingle loaded with fish, crabs, lobster, mussels and oysters.

You can try the seafood linguine or roasted Black Sole in Doyles there are some great dished to try, you will get some of the freshest seafood in Dingle!

Head to An Droichead Beag Pub for a Pint!

Pint of Guinness 1
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An Droichead Beag is a cool Irish pub located in the heart of Dingle, the pub is well known for great music sessions. It’s a great pub to hear traditional live music session and sink a few pints at the same time! The pub has a colourful front, and plenty of drinks to try. It’s just another cool pub in Dingle.

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I hope you find this post useful, I welcome any questions or suggestions by email at info@allthings-ireland.com.


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