Best Pubs in Kerry

Best Pubs in Kerry

If you like Irish bars you will love Kerry! We have great pubs in Ireland full of beautiful décor, nice lighting, bar garden and wicked views. Some pubs are in brilliant locations overlooking the Atlantic or river and lakes. Kerry has some great pubs, in this post I have included some of my favourites. The Irish pub is world-famous and Guinness is one of my popular brands, who doesn’t love a cold creamy Guinness!!! Check out my list of seven cool Irish pubs to check out below!

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Dick Macks Dingle, Kerry

This Irish pub is a wonderful Irish pub in the heart of Dingle, one of Ireland’s coolest towns. Dick Mack’s has been operating since 1899, its a classic Irish pub. They make and sell Leather belts and plenty of Guinness. Dick Mack’s has won best whiskey pubs for year 2015,2015 and 2014. The pubis full of really nice decor and the beer garden out the back is unreal, especially during the summer months. The bar serves a huge range of beers, shouts and spirits, everything from Guinness to craft beer and loads of Irish whiskies. The brewhouse building part of Dick Mack’s was recently given a new lease of life with anew brewery started up called Dick Mack’s Brewery and there plenty of food in the beer garden from the food trucks! You can chill out with a cold beer and some freshly made pizza in the beer garden,tis very nice! This Irish pub is pet-friendly one of few in the Emerald Isle. You have to add Dick Mack’s to your bucket list when visiting Kerry!

Photo via Dick Mack Facebook Page

Foxy Johns Dingle, Kerry

Foxy Johns is another cracker in Dingle, it’s one of those cosy pubs that just draws you in! The pub is located on Main street Dingle, close to lots of other nice shops, cafes and Irish pubs. This Irish bar has a bike rental service and has a hardware store inside the pubs. The inside of Foxy johns is a deep yellow, the pubs have been doing beer, bikes and hardware sine the 1950’s. The counter behind the bar is full of clutter, hardware items and bar stools. The bar serves a huge range of beers, Guinness, and all kinds of spirits. When the hardware side closes, everybody sits at that side when it’s busy in Foxy Johns. It’s just a real authentic Irish pub! This little gem is a great bar for Traditional Irish music sessions, this pub is full of character! You have to visit Foxy Johns in Dingle!

The South Pole Inn Annascaul, Kerry

The South Pole Inn in Annascaul is another cool little bar in Kerry. This Irish pub is located in the village of Annascaul. Annascaul is located around 30 minutes from Dingle and around a 45-minute drive from the town of Killarney. The bar used to be owned by the famous Tom Crean. Tom Crean was known fro his Antarctic explorations. Tom Crean was awarded the Albert Medal for his bravery. Tom Crean carried Lieutenant Evan for 18 hours in unbelievably hard conditions, he saved Evans life and was awarded the Albert Medal for bravery. He purchased the South Pole Inn and ran the bar for many years. There is even a Guinness ad about Tom Crean and his Antarctica explorations. The South Pole Inn is full of memorable from Tom Crean explorations. It’s a great place to stop on route to Dingle. The bar has many crafty beers, stouts and Irish spirits on offer. There are some nice seating areas to the front and rear of the bar, it’s a nice area to chill out on a nice day with a cool creamery Guinness! The South Pole Inn serves food, everything from Seafood chowder to chicken curry and some nice burgers. You can even try the Tom Crean range of craft beers, you have to check out this famous Irish pub!

Photo via South Pole Inn Facebook Page

Reidy’s Killarney, Kerry

This bar is located on the main street in Killarney, this bar dates back to the 1870s. There is a sweetshop in this Irish bar. Its located in one of the busiest streets in Kerry. Reidy’s has it all, nice food, plenty of drink to choose from, a sweetshop, and great outdoor areas. Three live music to listen too, the foods is excellent. The sweetshop has everything from Bon Bons to liquorice sweets and fruit drops. This Irish pub has a real authentic look, it has many cool old items in the bar to check out. There a cafe with some really good coffees and freshly baked cakes and loaves of bread. If you like cocktails this Irish pub has loads of them. The cocktail menu has Whiskey sour cocktails and Margarita. The food menu is really good, there are avocado scrambled eggs, pulled beef tacos and chicken wings. You have to give this retro Irish bar a try!

Photo via Reidys Facebook Page

The Laurels Killarney, Kerry

This lovely little bar is in the town of Killarney. It’s a traditional Irish pub with beautiful decor, good food, nice drinks and beamed ceilings. The staff are very friendly. This bar has plenty of Irish charm! The bar dates back to the early 1900s. You can give a good meal in the Laurels, pizza lunch and an evening menu to choose from. There are soup and tasty Nachos and mussels. The pizza menu is superb with even a full Irish breakfast pizza!! They serve loads of Irish whiskeys. The Laurels has a range of craft beers, cold beers on draught and of course a nice cold Guinness tap! It wouldn’t be a traditional Irish bar without one! The wine list is excellent with some nice Pinot Grigio and some good red wines. It’s somewhere you need to pop into while visiting Killarney in Kerry!

Photo via The Laurels Facebook Page

Celtic Whiskey Bar and Larder Killarney, Kerry

I always pop in here when I’m in Killarney, it’s a cracking bar! The décor is really nice with a fantastic bar section, behind the bar loads of bottles are stacked and it looks really well If you like whiskey this Irish pub is one to check out! The green front of the bar is an authentic Irish colour, as green as the fields of Ireland! The Celtic Whiskeys bar and Larder has a huge amount of whiskeys to try, not just Irish whiskeys but from all over the world. This whiskey bar has a nice range of craft beer, some of the draught and there is a delicious food menu. You can check out the different food menus, an Autumn menu, a Sunday menu and dessert menu. Of course, there’s a drinks menu too! The Sunday menu has Loin of Lamb and Free-range chicken and plenty of other nice dishes. They’re a really good cocktail menu. The star of the show is the whiskey tasting, you can try some great whiskeys and chill out the nice surroundings. You can order Whiskey online from the Celtic Whiskey Bar and larder bar website.

Photo via Celtic Whiskey Bar and Larder Facebook Page

The Danny Mann Killarney,Kerry

The Danny Mann bar Killarney is a great pub to visit, there’s really good Irish food, live traditional Irish music gigs. The bar is located downstairs on the ground floor is a popular Hotel the Eviston House Hotel. It’s in a great location while minutes walk from some nice retail shops, restaurants, cafes and Irish pubs all in the heart of Killarney town. The food menu is huge in the Danny Mann, it has everything from Classic Caesar salad to Fish of the day. The Danny Mann has a full children menu with plenty of nice dishes. The bar is quite large and it’s a great spot for a few coll beers. The live music sessions in this pub are brilliant and I have seen some great music sessions in the Danny Mann down through the years. The Danny Mann serves craft beers, wine and spirits, its another really nice Irish pub that you should check out while visiting Kerry.

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