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In Ireland we are known for having a sense of humour and enjoy a good joke, we know how to have a laugh in Ireland and we love the craic!!! This page is full of Irish fun and craic in Ireland, we love the craic (having fun), this part of Irish culture having the craic, there are jokes and memes all about it all over social media and online everywhere!

See some funny Irish memes and links to some funny videos and jokes in this post, We love a bit of humour!!

We enjoy a few pints in Ireland!!!

The pubs closed for a long time due to the coronavirus, so everybody was glad they reopened!!!

Irish pub meme

The pubs were closed for a long time during the coronavirus outbreak, Irish people suffered a lot nothing being about to go to the pubs! So when the pubs reopened everyone was delighted even the koala bears!

The pubs are open again in Ireland

We love a cup of tea in Ireland, the first cup in the morning is the best!!!! Irish people love a good cup of tea or two or three, it never stops at one in Ireland when it’s in liquid form!

Having the first cup of tea in the morning time

Irish Yoga Meme!!

This meme shows Yoga Irish style!

irish yoga meme
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Father Ted

The Father Ted series featured Irish priest living on a fictional island called Craggy island, they got up some funny stuff in all episodes. Father Jack enjoyed a few whiskeys. Father Ted was always up to something, and Father Dougal was wondering what it was all about!!!

If you interested in visiting Father Ted’s house in County Clare, see my post here on directions to the famous house!

See the links below for some laughs!!😃

I hear you’re a racist now father!!!

Father Noel Furlong bests bits from Father Ted!!! Father Noel Furlong Aka Graham Norton starred in the show, his appearances were so funny, real classic comedy!😊😊😊😊

Best of Father Ted!

This a compilation on the Father Ted series and some of the best bits from the hilarious series, tis just so funny!

Irish Jokes

We love good stories and jokes in Ireland!!! See the video below for a funny joke of a Kerry man telling a joke about an American golfer that comes into Killarney in Kerry Ireland!

I’ll be half an hour late Kerry Man Joke

Ill be half an hour late
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There’s a big American golfer comes into Killarney in Kerry Ireland and he hires a caddy in a golf buggy and he was playing a round golf in Killarney and he asked the caddie if he’d play a few

shots with him and the Caddy was a good golfer so the Kerry replied “Yes Yes” I will of course, I’ll play you.

The American asks what time will we play sir and the Kerry man says 9 a.m. but I might be a half an hour late, so the followed morning, the American arrives at the course at 9 a.m. and

There’s the Kerry man waiting for him up at the tee and he pulls out a set of left-handed clubs tees off and beats the American off the course and at hole 18 the American says “doubles are quit sir I’ll play you again tomorrow for $200 “ and the Kerry man replies “ yeah yeah definitely I’ll play you again tomorrow and the American says what time sir what time will we play and the Kerry man says 9 o’clock but I might be a half late.

So the followed morning and the American arrives at the golf course and the caddie is waiting up at the tee-off point Kerry man has a set of right-handed golf clubs he tees off and he beats the American again comfortably and the American is shocked at hole 18 and he says “Jesus Sir I’ve played all over the world I’ve played golf in many countries and I’ve never seen a man that can play right-handed clubs and then the following day a left-handed clubs how do you do it”? and

The Kerry man says “quite simple sir when I wakes up in the morning I takes one look at the Mrs if she’s lying on her right-hand side I play right-handed clubs and if she’s lying on her left-handed side I play left-handed clubs and the American says “what happens

If she’s lying on her back Paddy” and the Kerry man replies “I’d be a half an hour late!!!!”

Irish Priest Joke

Irish priest joke image
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There was an old Irish priest was walking along the cliff edge and he slipped and he grabbed the branch of a tree on the way down the cliff and the priest looked up into the sky and said “Lord help me please Lord in heaven help me” and the voice from heaven said “this is the Lord do not fear let’s go let go of that branch you will be crushed to bits on the rocks below but tonight you will be with me in heaven”

The priest looks up and says “it’s not anybody else up there I can help me”????

O Reilly Twins Irish Joke

O Reilly Twins Image
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Two Irish guys are in a bar in New York City the two boys are pissed as farts

They’re after a massive feed of pints John and Jimmy,

John says to Jimmy “I recognized your face from someone”

Jimmy says “yeah you look familiar too”

John replies “funny enough I recognize your face too”

Jimmy says “Jesus do you have we met before?”

John replies “I don’t know where you from?”

Jimmy says “Ireland I’m from Ireland”

John says “Jesus Ireland I’d have never guested so am I what part of Ireland are you from”

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Jimmy replies “I’m from County Clare”

John says “Well I’ll be damned and dipped in shit I’m from County Clare too, I’m from Ballyvaughan”

Jimmy replies ”Well Jesus Christ he replies I come from Ballyvaughan too!, where did you go to school”

John says “Holy Mary Mother of Joseph I went to Saint Mary’s school and I had Mr O’Connell as a teacher.

Jimmy replies “I went to Saint Mary’s I had Mr O’Connell as a teacher”

There’s a silence then and the bartender SHOUTS

“Jesus Christ the O’Reilly twins are pissed again you’re getting no more pints of Guinness!!!!”

Murphy and Reilly Joke

Murphy and Reilly Joke
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Murphy and Reilly Two Irish guy had a fight

Reilly got all beat up by Murphy ,e was all black and blue royally went

Reilly went to the local bar for a few pints

Sean the bartender asked him what happened your face Reilly

Reilly replied “Murphy beat me up Sean

Sean replies “Holy God he didn’t just beat you up with his fists did he? Did he have something else in his hands?

Reilly replies “yes he did he has a shovel Sean”

Sean asks “did you have anything in your hand Reilly

Reilly replies “ I did yeah I had Murphy’s wife’s breast a thing of beauty but no good in a fight!!!”

Irish Comedy

Niall Toibin Irish Comedy! Niall Toibin was an Irish comedian, his jokes and banter is so funny, he’s a comedy legend in Ireland!

It’s an Irish Thing

Some funny Irish stuff in this compilation video, jokes, and Irish fun! it’s just some jokes, Irish humour and funny Irish stuff that you will enjoy!

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