The Warmest Night Ever On Record In November In Ireland

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This November 2022 was the hottest ever recorded temperature at nighttime for the month of Nov in Ireland at Shannon airport and Phoenix Park. It was a very mild day was we day in Ireland. Met Eireann who recorded the temperature at 15.5c which is very warm for November in Ireland. These kinda temperatures in Ireland at this time of year are very rare. The record showed that at Shannon airport and in Phoneix Park in Dublin it was the hottest ever recorded Nov night.

The previously recorded record was 14.6c which was beaten on the 11th of Nov 2022. The coldest temp on the whole island for this date 11th of Nov 2022 was in the area of Derry at 14c.

A post on Twitter from the Irish Observational Climatology stated “ Provisional new highest minimum temperature record for November in Ireland last night. Between 21:00UTC and 09:00UTC, the temperature at Shannon Airport, Co Clare didn’t fall below 15.5°C. The previous record was 14.6°C. Five other synoptic stations also broke the previous record.

Met Eireann has said that there will be some unusual weather patterns coming over the next few days in Nov 2022. Met Eireann said “The unusually mild weather will continue over the weekend but as we head through next week temperatures are forecast to drop back to more normal levels with highs of around 8c to 10c and risk of frost returning.

This news of these record temps was posted all over the Internet and on social media platforms.

Normal Temperature In Ireland in November

The expected temperatures in Ireland for November would normally see a drop-down by a few degrees. The average would be around 12c which is (54f) and then moving towards 9.5c (49f) towards the end of November. Typically people would not tend to visit Ireland in Nov because it is generally a month that the weather gets cooler.

Met Office Statement In The UK On Events Nov 2022

The Met Office in the UK posted on Twitter “Today the UK has seen the warmest Armistice Day on record, provisionally breaking the previous record of 17.8 Celsius set in 1954 and 1977 England, Scotland and Northern Ireland also set provisional new individual records Here are the top temperatures from the four nations”

This was the hottest Nov on records in the UK for 45 years.

Global Warming

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Is this an effect of Global warming? The answer is maybe, these kinda temps haven’t been seen in Ireland before so the reason for this is possibly a few reasons? According to the EPA website, Ireland’s temperature trends are changing in line with some Global trends. The average is an average increase of 0.8c which is concerning this has been increasing compared to the 1900s. Temps are expected to increase by 2c depending on a few factors including emissions. We are expected to have more heat waves in Ireland and more frequent warm days. Ireland’s rainfall is expected to increase over a period of years in the summer, and spring periods. Sea level rises could affect Ireland in a big way and this could cause huge coastal erosion around Ireland.

Effects Being Felt In The Botanic Gardens in Dublin

Some effects of this strange weather have been felt in the Botanic Graden in Dublin where DR Colin Kelleher said “It looks like a summer scene, lots of varieties are in flower,”

“We’re getting the light levels going down, the tree is bedding down for the winter but the temperature is conflicting, the temperature is high and it started flowering,”

Other High Temps In Other Countries This Year

This year saw a record temperature in England at 40.3 in the area of Lincolnshire on the 19th of July 2022. This beat the previously held record which was 38.7c. This is the highest-ever temp recorded in England and it’s starting to show a bit of a trend in my view, now with these high temps in Ireland in November (winter month). In Rome in Italy on the 28th of June 2022, the temp was recorded at 40.8c which broke the Italian record for the highest ever temp records, so it’s not just happening in the UK and Ireland, it happened in Italy also.

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