How to get to Lough Gur?

How to get to Lough Gur?

Lough Gur lake County Limerick
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Lough Gur is located outside Limerick City. This ancient site is a cool area to visit, it’s full of exciting history going back thousands of years. The area has a number of FREE things to see and there is a cool visitor centre at Lough Gur to check out!

The area is an important area in Irish history, evidence of some of the earliest farmers was found at Lough Gur, making it one of the oldest known sites in the whole of the Emerald Isle! Lough Gur is a nice place to drive to and go for a walk or just take in the view of the lake and surrounding areas.

In this post, I have included directions from Limerick and Cork. Check out my post here on Lough Gur’s 6000 years of history!

History of Lough Gur

Lough Gur County Limerick
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The history of this ancient site goes back 6000 years, the area has been excavated by a team of archaeologists. They found old type houses that were built around 6000 years ago. These houses are believed to be some of Ireland’s earliest known occupiers.

This is what makes Lough Gur special in terms of history, 6000 years of history to be precise.  Some cool stuff was found in the area down through the years, some really old spearheads, axes and flints were discovered. A really cool Yetholm type shield was found, the shield amazing dates back to between 800 and 1200BC.  

The visitor centre explains the history and importance of the whole area and you can see some information about the archaeological dig that took place at Lough Gur. In the visitor centre, you will see the exhibition that will take you through 6000 years of interesting history and facts!

How to get to Lough Gur from Limerick City

limerick city
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Lough Gur is located in County Limerick. The journey will take you around 30 minutes to drive depending on traffic and other conditions. The distance in kilometres is 19.7 from Limerick to the visitor centre, the route is fairly scenic you will see some nice Irish county side, green fields, and plenty of farm animals on farmland.


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Head for the William Street direction in Limericks city centre. Willam Street is just off O Connell Street which is the main street in Limerick.  Drive onto the R527 road towards Little Willam Street.

Drive onto the R527 road for around 2.2 kilometres.

You will arrive at the large Tipperary roundabout, you will have to take the third exit towards the Childers Road and the R509.

Just around 500 metres up the road you will arrive at the Killmalock roundabout, take the first exit to the left-hand side onto the Killmalock road and the R512.

Follow the R512 for 11.4 kilometres.

Turn left off the R514 signposted Ballincassa/Lough Gur.

Travel for 2 kilometres and you will arrive at Lough Gur.

How to get to Lough Gur from Cork

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Cork City is around a 1.5-hour drive to the Lough Gur visitor centre. The distance in kilometres is just under 92 kilometres. This road has some tolls so be aware of that, you will need funds to pay the tolls. This route is nice and scenic and you will see some nice Irish villages and towns on the route!

Travel towards the N8 and M8 roads signposted for Limerick and the R5136 in Cork.

Drive towards the northeast direction on Saint Patricks Street towards Saint Peter and Paul P.

Drive onto Bridge street.

Drive and follow the N8 roadway.

You will arrive at a roundabout after around 5450 metres, take the second exit and stay on the N8.

Take the left-hand side lane and exit for M8/N25 road signposted Dublin/South Ring/N27.

You will come to a roundabout, and take the first exit towards the M8 signposted for Fermoy/Dublin.

This is a toll road and will be around 40 kilometres in length. 

You will see a sign for junction 13, take this exit signposted for R639 and the exit to Mitchelstown.

After around 900 metres you will arrive at a roundabout, take the second exit and stay on the R639 roads way.

You will arrive at another roundabout, again take the second exit and stay on the R639 roadway.

You will arrive at another roundabout, and take the exit signposted for Mallow/ Dublin road.

Drive on this road for 37.8 kilometres towards Lough Gur/Limerick.

At the roundabout, take the 1st exit onto Limerick Road/R513

Drive for 33 kilometres.

Take a left-hand turn onto the L1502 road it will be signposted for Holy Cross/Croom.

After 1.1 kilometres take a right turn.

Drive onto the Lough Gur Road.

Follow signs for the visitor centre and you will arrive in the parking area.

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