Best Pubs in Cork

Best Pubs in Cork

Best Pubs in Cork
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Cork is known as the rebel county, there are many good pubs in the city to check out. Cork is full of cosy traditional pubs full of charm and cold creamy pints of Guinness.

It’s hard to list them all, so I’m going to mention just a few, sorry if I left you out in advance! Cork is full of interesting bars, so if you looking for a good pint of Guinness you have landed on the right post! Cork is full of langers. Its a term widely used in the rebel county!

Cork City has some old bars and one bar that has over 200 beers to choose from, now that’s a selection of beer you won’t find in many cities!

The Franciscan Well Bar and Brewery

Franciscan Well pub and Brewery Cork
Photo via Franciscan Well Pub and Brewery Facebook Page

This bar has a brewery attached and it built on the site of an old monastery that was occupied by Franciscans monks. The craft beer brewed by this Irish brewery is excellent and very tasty! The brewery has tours you can take to learn about the brewing process and the different range of craft beers made.

The bar offers pizza and cocktails as well as the tasty craft beers. The Rebel Red beer is very good, and the Shandon Stout is savage stuff! The Franciscan Pale Ale Chieftain IPA is stored in old Jameson whiskey barrels to add a unique depth of flavour! The bar has nice lighting and décor, tis a fine Irish bar!

Address – 14 N Mall, Sunday’s Well, Cork,

Postcode – T23 P264

An Bodhran

An Bodhran Pub Cork
Photo via An Bodhran pub Facebook Page

This cool little Irish pub has a long history of music. This pub has many photos of local musicians like Rory Gallagher and 1970’s music legend Phil Linnet. This traditional pub has an Irish name called after the Irish music drum The Bodhran!

It’s a lovely little pub to enjoy a few creamy pints of Guinness. The bar is opened 7 nights a week and it’s a brilliant bar for live music, lots of Irish music sessions, you can’t beat a good Irish music session!

Address – 42 Oliver Plunkett St, Centre, Cork.

Postcode – T12 X021

Fionbarras Bar

Fionbarras Bar Cork Ireland
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This retro little bar is located on Douglas Street, it’s another great Irish pub in Cork. This bar has a fantastic beer garden that is a huge asset to Fionbarras.

The beer garden is quite large and has cool lighting, timber benches and funky décor. Its the perfect place to have a few cold craft beers. The bar is dog friendly which is rare, your pet will love it!!

Address – 73 Douglas St, Ballintemple, Cork.

Postcode – T12 YW71

Mutton Lane Inn

This old historic Irish bar is one of the oldest in Cork. The pub is located off the main street (Patrick’s Street) in Cork city. The mutton lane was one of the old lanes that led into the English Market and live sheep used to herded into the market back in the day.

The bar has an old classic look, there are many types of Irish whiskeys to try, Guinness on draught and plenty other draught beers and stouts. This bar is steeped in history with photos of old Lord Mayor of Cork and JFK.

This pub used to have the highest sale of Irish whiskey in the whole of Ireland because butchers and cattlemen used to use the pub that was attending the English Market and some junior staff were given a drop or two as part payment for there work back in the day!! You should check out this pub while in Cork

Address – 3 Mutton Lane, off Patrick’s Street, Cork Cork

Postcode – T12 RV07

An Spailpín Fanach Pub

An Spailpin Fanach Pub Cork
Photo via An Spailpin Fanach Facebook Page

This cool Irish pub was founded way back in 1779 across the road from the old Beamish and Crawford Brewery, Beamish is an Irish stout. The bar features live traditional Irish music 6 nights per week, there’s good Irish food on the menu, Irish stew, Bacon and Cabbage and other Irish specials!!

The bar is cosy and can be very lively with live trad playing and pints flowing! Sunday nights can be great craic with singers upstairs in the bar, its great craic! There are some nice nooks and cosy crannies to enjoy and maybe have a few pints. It’s the perfect spot to relax and chill out, it’s a must-see pub in Cork!

Address – 29 S Main St, Centre, Cork

Postcode – T12DYX9

Le Chateau Bar

La Chateau Bar Cork
Photo via La Chateau Bar Facebook Page

This pub dates back to 1793 and is in the heart of Cork city. The bar serves loads of different drinks including the famous Irish coffee! The is two levels in the Le Chateau Bar. This bar is the only bar located in the main Patrick’s Street, which is the main street in the city centre.

There is a lovely menu with everything from seafood chowder and brown bread to a good traditional Irish stew. There is a cocktail menu and meat and cheese board platters available. The décor is fantastic and there’s a really welcoming feel inside the bar.

There is a really nice outdoor seating area at the front of the bar that faces the main street in Cork. You can hear some live music and there’s are also food vans offering foods sometimes outside La Chateau! It’s definitely one to check out!

Address – 93 Saint Patrick’s Street, Cork City

Postcode – T12 CH98

The Washington Inn

The Washington Inn Pub Cork
Photo via The Washington Inn Facebook Page

The Washington Inn Bar is located in the centre of the city centre. The pub has live music and its a great place for music gigs. They show a lot of there sports matched on large screens, rugby, soccer and hurling. There’s a large selection of beers, spirits and craft beers to try. Its the perfect place to check out a live traditional music session!!!

Address – 30-31 Washington Street West, Centre, Cork.

Postcode – T12 VW67

Sin E

This super cool Irish pub has an Irish name, Sin E translates to “ that’s it”. This long-established bar has a reputation for music, that’s Irish music of course! There is a Trad playing in this Bar 7 nights a week the music is hooping in this bar! It’s another great Irish pub in Cork City. Of course, they serve Guinness, you can get a creamy pint here!

The pub dates way back to 1889, it has seen many a good night down through the years! Its another pub you should visit while in Cork city!

Address – 8 Coburg St, Victorian Quarter, Cork.

Postcode – T23 KF5N

Gallaghers Gastro Pub

Gallagher Gastro Pub Food
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Gallaghers Gastro Pub is a great place for food, they serve some handmade pies that are really well known in Cork. The menu in this bar is top-notch! They have a motto of “Good Food Good Times”. They serve everything from tasty dumplings with wild mushroom and cabbage to fish pie and a 10 oz Irish steak is on the menu!

Its a really good gastropub, if you want a good meal and a few beers, this pub is a great choice. Gallaghers has won some awards for best pub in Cork, it’s definitely a place to enjoy a few a cold beers!

Address – 32 Mac Curtain Street, Victorian Quarter, Cork.

Postcode – T23 Y07X

The Bierhaus

The Bierhaus is a modern retro bar. This pub has an unbelievable selection of beers to choose from, they have over 200 beers to try! That should keep you busy!

The pub has won awards for being one of the best pubs in the whole of the Emerald Isle. Pub quizzes take place if that’s your thing, you could check out one of the quizzes.

The bar has a rotating system of twenty-four kegs of new beers to try every few weeks. This retro bar was even awarded the third best bar in the world in 2007! You have to call in and try at least a few different beers here!

Address – 28 Popes Quay, Shandon, Cork.

Postcode – T23 AE79

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I hope you find this post useful and you check out some of these nice bars in Cork! I welcome any questions or suggestions by email –


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