28 Of The Best Hotels In Dublin Ireland

28 Of The Best Hotels In Dublin Ireland

Dublin in ireland

The city of Dublin has some great hotels in super locations. The city and surrounding areas are quite large. Location is important when choosing a hotel in any major city around the world. So, in this post, I have considered the location of the hotel in a big way in order to recommend top-class hotels with the benefits of great locations.  Dublin is a great city to visit for a few days or maybe a week or two. It’s the perfect to base yourself while visiting Ireland. Some people fly into Dublin and spend a few days in Dublin and then tour around the island and see all the places they wanna see in Ireland.

Dublin is full of all kinds of hotels from 2 stars up to 5 stars top-notch hotels. It’s no doubt that Dublin has some fantastic hotels, and some of them are very reasonably priced.

Its All About The Location

the temple bar pub dublin

Some of the best areas to stay around Dublin are close to O Connells street which is Dublin’s main street. The Temple Bar area and around Trinity College is an area high in demand.  

Temple Bar is known as a party area and young people love the buzz and cool vibes in the pubs in Temple Bar. Trinity College is home to the famous Book of Kell’s, and it is within walking distance of the heart of Dublin’s city centre.  The Portobello area is known as the area where George Bernard Shaw was born.  George Bernard Shaw is a famous playwright from the Emerald Isle. 

The area of Philsborough is located in the northern part of Dublin.  It’s a more relaxed area than Temple bar and doesn’t have the busy hustle that Temple Bar has. Philsborough is still very close to the city centre so it’s a great location. Smithfield is another good location in Dublin to base yourself on. Smithfield is located in the northwest direction of the lovely River Liffey, it’s only 10 minutes from all major attractions really, so it is something to keep in mind when choosing a hotel.

The Docklands is surrounded by water and has some unreal views of the Dublin skyline. It has been compared to the famous silicone valley in the USA because of all the tech companies based there like Facebook and Google.  The docklands area is only a few minutes from O Connell Street and it’s the perfect area for business travellers.

The wonderful Merrion Square and Fitzwilliam Square are a great part of the capital city. Saint Stephen Green is close by and the area has some cool Georgian buildings all around. The old red-brick Georgian building is all over Dublin and the location is good because it is only a 10 to 12-minute walk to the city centre.

O Connell Street Area

O connell street Dublin ireland

In the area of Connell Street the main hub of the capital city, there are loads of retail shops and food outlets located in the area. There are many Irish pubs and tourist attractions to see around o Connell Street.  There’s the GPO which has a cool museum to see, there is the Dublin Spire and some cool monuments all around O Connell Street. Staying in this area offer the benefits of being able to walk around, and you don’t really need a car while staying in this part of Dublin, you can easily walk to everything you wanna see or use public transport from the LUAS tram service.

Belvedere Hotel Dublin Parnell Square

This choice has beautiful Georgian windows and is 5 minutes from O Connells street. The interior is warm and cosy with retro décor. The lounge room in the Belvedere hosts a cool Irish night with some fantastic Irish dancing, traditional music and food!

Jury Inn Dublin Parnell Street

This super hotel is quite close to O Connell street, the rooms are modern with all the services you need for an enjoyable stay. Jury Inn Parnell street is a four-star rating, tis in a perfect location. It’s only around 30 minutes from Dublin airport and around a 5-minute stroll from Dublin’s famous Henry Street shopping area!

Holiday Inn Dublin City Centre

The holiday Inn is located close to Houston station and 20 minutes from Dublin airport. The hotel has a business centre and beautifully decorated spacious rooms. The Holiday Inn has good food and offers all-day dining, the location is excellent.

Temple Bar And Trinity College Area

trinity college dublin ireland

The lively Temple bar area is a hot spot with some great pubs and clubs to check out. The area is close to the Guinness Storehouse and Trinity College where the cool Book of Kell’s is kept. Temple Bar is full of old cobblestone streets and colourful shop fronts, the area has s full-on Dublin character. It’s a perfect area to base yourself on while exploring Dublin and surrounding areas. Temple Bar is located on the south bank of the large River Liffey, the area dates back to medieval times. The area even had a Bollywood movie filmed around the street of Temple bar and some songs have even been written around this iconic part of Dublin. 

The Clarence Hotel

This hotel is top-class 4-star. The luxurious surroundings of the interior are welcoming, warm and very cosy. The Clarence has a super-sized king-size. This hotel is owned by Bono and The Edge from the Irish music band U2. The building dates back to 1832 and the Clarence has four restaurants to keep you busy!!

Temple Bar Hotel

This super cool 4-star hotel has a retro boutique feel. The temple bar Hotel is located in the heart of Dublin within minutes from everything you will want to see and more. It’s close to Grafton street which is one of the main shopping areas of the capital city. The bar serves food and drinks 7 days per week. There is live music in the bar in the evenings!

Trinity Hotel Dublin

This wonderful hotel has a good four-star rating. The location is unreal being so close to the famous Trinity College and the Book of Kells. There is FREE wi-fi and the rooms are spacious, with lovely décor. The bar and restaurant on-site serve loads of nice dishes and some tractional Irish dishes!

Portobello Area

Portobello in Irish means beautiful harbour. This area of the capital city is on the south side of the city centre. The area has been the fastest-growing throughout the 19th century. Portobello is known as “Little Jerusalem” because of the influx of Jewish people into the area. Many people from Portobello Dublin have got in involved in politics, the arts and important science roles. Portobello is a wonderful neighbourhood to walk around. The area has a cool vibe to it with all the red brick buildings, modern office buildings and some cool retro-designed houses.

Portobello Hotel

interior of hotel room in ireland

This fantastically located hotel is situated in the Grand Canal area. You have a nice view of the grand canal while staying in this comfy place. The Portobello hotel has 25 rooms, a bar and a nightclub attached. The nightclub is for those over the 30s only. The rooms are modern with all the facilities you will need to make your stay an enjoyable one.

Conrad Dublin

This cracking 5-star is top of the range in terms of everything on offer. The hotel has a superb location and is top-notch. The luxury features throughout the building are really nice. It is perfect if you wanna treat yourself to a top-notch hotel in a beautiful part of Dublin.  There is a fitness centre on-site and the rooms are pet friendly. The hotels offer a concierge service!

Hyatt Centric The Liberties

The Hyatt Centric The Liberties Dublin is in an amazing location just three minutes from the old Saint Patricks Cathedral. This modern hotel has a contemporary restaurant and flat-screen TVs and you can add sofa beds to your rooms. This interesting red brick building has the benefits of being one of the Hyatt Hotel Groups buildings, their properties are world-renowned. It’s a top-notch hotel!

Phibsbouough Area

This part of Dublin is hugely popular, it’s located around three kilometres from O Connells Street Dublin. The neighbourhood is welcoming. They are aha some cool churches to see, one being Saint Peters Church which was built way back in the year 1862. The area has one of the main hospitals located in the area, the Mater Hospital. Phibsbouough has a number of cool Victorian buildings to see and some really authentic Irish pubs full of character. Phibsbouough is the perfect spot to stay while touring around Dublin.

Tom Dicks and Harriet’s

Tom Dick s is a guest house or a B&B as we call them in Ireland. The simply designed rooms are perfect for a nice stay in Dublin. There Is FREE wi-fi, en-suite bathrooms, and more. The location is excellent and close to lots of attractions in Dublin, you can walk from Tom Dick and Harriet’s to O Connell street in around 10 minutes.

Charleville Lodge Hotel

hotel room in dublin ireland

This hotel is located in the Phibsborough area on North Circular Road. The hotel is close to lots of Dublin landmarks. The rooms have FREE wi-fi and there is a good breakfast included. A 24-hour desk offers helpful advice about everything you will need to know and there is room service. The location is very good just being a 25-minute drive to Dublin airport and a 5-minute drive to Dublin Zoo

The Docklands Area

This part of Dublin is super modern with loads of new buildings built in the area in recent times. The docklands are home to many large multinational companies like Facebook and Google. Tech companies love Ireland because we have low corporation tax rates. The area has some great scenic spots and the hotels in the area benefits from views overlooking the water which make the area very inviting. The River Liffey divides the dockland and the area is spread on both sides of the Liffey.

The Spencer Hotel

The Spencer Hotel is a beautifully designed building in the heart of the Docklands area of the capital city. This superb hotel is in an amazing location with some top-class food on offer. The spencer has a fitness club and an 18-metre swimming pool to enjoy. It’s a really modern building with a retro cocktail menu on offer in the bar. This is a cracker of a hotel for you to enjoy while visiting Dublin.

The Marker

This amazing Marker is someplace to stay! It’s full of fantastic views of the Dublin skyline and the surrounding Docklands area that everybody loves. The super modern designed building is just pure cool. The rooms are warm and welcoming with flat-screen TVs. This iconic property has a retro black and white exterior that makes it stand out from some of the other retro buildings in the Docklands area. This is a pool to enjoy and some excellent food in this beautiful hotel!

Clayton Hotel Cardiff Lane

The Clayton is located in the scenic area of the Docklands within walking distance of O Connell Street Dublin. The hotel is family-friendly or perfect for weekends away. It’s the ideal place to stay while coming to Ireland on holiday and touring Dublin. The rooms are very modern with some beautifully designed bathrooms. The bar and restaurant are welcoming, warm and inviting. There is a 22-metre pool to enjoy.  There is a huge business conference room for meetings and events.

Merrion Square Area

red brick building and colourful doors dublin

Merrion Square is satiated in Dublin 2. It’s a lovely little area. Merrion Square is close to loads of Dublin attractions. The National Gallery is a stone’s throw from Merrion Square. The area is one of Dublin’s most fashionable neighbourhoods. The famous Oscar Wilde used to live in this neighbourhood, his father ran a medical clinic in the area. The views of Merrion Square gardens are fantastic to see, they highlight Dublin at its best! WB Yeats used to live in the area and Danial O Connell, now there’s history for you. The area has some really cool boutique bars and cafes with some beautifully designed buildings. The food in Merrion Square is to-notch with loads of different types of foods to try!

The Mont

This super colourful hotel is located close to Merrion Square, it has a really exciting interior. The design of the building is fantastic with a very modern feel. The Sin Bin Bar has loads of cool drinks, craft beers, tasty artisan gins and top-class cocktails. The Speranza restaurant is full of top-notch dishes to choose from. The rooms are cosy and spacious. It’s the perfect to base yourself while in the capital city.

The Merrion Hotel Dublin

This amazing 5-star is in the heart of one of Dublin’s nicest areas. The Merrion screams 5 stars, it’s in the Dublin Georgian area full of Georgian townhouses. The Merrion is a member of the leading hotels in the world group. The restaurant has a two-star Michelin rating. It’s close to some government buildings within minutes of some of Dublin’s landmarks. The rooms are unreal with a blend of old and new mixed together to create a very warm feel. There is a swimming pool and spa to check out!

Saint Stephens Green Area

The Saint Stephens Green area is a beautiful part of the capital city. The old historic open-air park has four long centuries of history connected to it. The famous park has connections to the famous Arthur Guinness and Countess Constance Markievicz. The park is a great place to chill out with a book or just surf social media on your smartphone, it’s a peaceful place in the city of the hustle and bustle that is the capital city.  The area has many nice retail shops, gift shops and fashion houses, it’s probably one of the best parts of Dublin in my opinion.

The Marlin Hotel

inside a hotel room dublin ireland

This super hotel has the benefit of being only 60m metres from the beautiful Saint Stephens Green and within a short 400 metres from Dublin Castle. The Marlin offers a fitness club and some really nice city views from the rooms. The rooms have aircon and there is a full Irish breakfast on offer. There is FREE Wi-Fi throughout the Marlin Hotel. Dublin airport is only 14 kilometres from the hotel.   

Drury Hotel

This beautiful boutique-style hotel has loads to offer. It’s located just a short walk from Saint Stephens Green and has everything you need for a nice stay in Dublin. The Drury Hotel is a three-star rating. The location is perfect with loads of stuff within a short walk. The rooms are modern with a boutique feel, the bathrooms are well-designed. The whole experience at this hotel is top-notch.

Fitzwilliam Square Area

This wonderful Georgian Square is on the south side of the capital city. The famous square dates back to 1789 and was ordre3d to be developed by Richard Fitzwilliam. Mr Fitzwilliam was the seventh Viscount. The Georgian district area became a landmark part of Dublin. People talked about the interesting local streets, the red brick building and the public gardens that have many types of shrubs and flowers to see. The area is connected to Irish history through the unfortunate events of Bloody Sunday 1920. The area is a lovely place to visit and stay around, it’s within walking distance of plenty to see in Dublin city.

Number 31

This luxury red brick building is what they call a Georgian townhouse in the Dublin city centre. Number 31 has top classrooms, with everything from luxury décor to warm and welcoming staff. The hotel is well known for its top-class service and renowned for its amazing location. The breakfast is especially good in this beautiful Georgian hotel/. The rooms mix old with new to create a feeling that you will love, it’s a hotel you won’t want to leave!

Fitzwilliam Townhouse

nice hotel room in dublin ireland

The Fitzwilliam Townhouse has everything you will need to make your trip to the capital city a memorable one. The hotel has beautiful surroundings, wonderful Georgian features and lots of contemporary décor. The building is elegant and welcoming. The rooms have FREE wi-fi, FRE tea and coffee and en-suite bathrooms. The Fitzwilliam townhouse is located just minutes from Trinity College and the Book of Kells. It’s another top-notch one to consider while visiting the capital city.

Smithfield Area

Smithfield is located in the Northside of Dublin. It is home to a public square and there used to be a market in the area. The area is surrounded by the River Liffey. Smithfield has a long history connected to horse trading and livestock way back when. It’s a beautiful part of the city.  Music bands play live music in the busy bars located all around Smithfield. The area is host to several flea markets and food markets throughout the year. The Jameson whiskey distillery is located in the area.

The Henrick Smithfield

This lovely little hotel is close to the National Museum of Ireland, the hotel has a traditional feeling to it with some real rustic type design. The rooms are welcoming, warm and cosy. The building is modern only built-in rennet times, the bar is full of loads of all types of drinks to try the location is perfect being within minutes of the Guinness Storehouse and Phoenix Park

Mc Gettigans Townhouse

Mc Gettigan’s Townhouse is s nice little hotel with a superb location being close to the Guinness Storehouse and O Connell street. The hotel benefits from sole old classical features, the building dates back to the year 1776. The bar is the perfect place to hear some funny stories from some locals from Dublin, the rooms are all named Irish-themed names. You will get a good Irish breakfast at this hotel! Tis one to consider while planning your trip!

The Maldron Hotel Smithfield

Balcony at the Maldron hotel smithfield dublin jpg

The Maldron Hotel Smithfield is a superior three-star, it has loads to offer. The Maldron has a huge 92 rooms on offer. The rooms are very modern with all the modern services and equipment that you will need. The interior is welcoming, bright and spacious. The Maldron is family-friendly with things to do to keep the kids busy. The location is excellent being within a short walk from a number of hugely popular Dublin attractions and historic sites. It’s a perfect hotel to base yourself on while touring Dublin.

Best Hotels Near Dublin Airport

Dublin Airport is the main airport in Ireland with the largest passenger numbers. The airport is located around 12 to 15 kilometres from the city centre depending on what part of the city you are in. Dublin Airport has a number of hotels within close proximity. These hotels are perfect if you want to base yourself close to the airport when returning home and finishing your holidaying Ireland or Dublin.

Clayton Hotel Dublin Airport

the Lobby Clayton Hotel Dublin Airport Ireland

This reasonably priced hotel is within minutes of Dublin airport, just 10 minutes to be precise. This four-star offer loads to make your stay easy and comfortable. The Clayton has an airport shuttle service which is very handy and it operates 24 hours a day. The breakfast is on offer from 6.30 am with a full Irish breakfast available. The rooms are modern with a funky feel. The Clayton benefits from Dublin airport parking services at only 3.99 euros per day, the car park has an underground covered in parking area and on-site hotel parking, tis the perfect place to stay close to Dublin Airport.

The Maldron Hotel Dublin Airport

Maldron Hotel Dublin Airport Twin Room

The Maldron is super close to Dublin airport, it’s so close you can walk from the Maldron to the terminal buildings. The 4-star is full of luxury, nice rooms, inviting décor and friendly helpful staff. The rooms have everything you need. There are 5 different room types and interconnecting rooms which is very handy for large groups. The Maldron operates a 24-hour free airport shuttle bus service that is so handy, just hop on and you’re in the airport in minutes.

Radisson Blu Hotel Dublin Airport

Executive Suite Bedroom the radisson blu hotel dublin airport

The Radisson Blue is located a short 20 minutes from Dublin city centre and just 1.1 kilometres from Dublin Airport. The dining experience at this 4-star is top class with high-quality dishes to try and great Irish-styled menus. The kitchen take pride in locally sourced food that will tickle your taste buds, it’s an excellent restaurant. The Radisson Blue cater for corporate events and business meetings. The Radisson Blue is the perfect place to relax and enjoy your last night or two in Dublin before heading back home after a memorable holiday in Ireland.

Holiday Inn Express Dublin Airport

This Holiday Inn offer great value for money, it’s perfect if you’re watching the funds or on a small budget. The holiday Inn is a 3-star rating with a feeling like it’s a four-star rating. The modern building has all the benefits of modern design and the interior is warm and cosy. The hotel is only a 10-minute drive to Dublin Airport and there is a FREE airport shuttle bus service which is the way to go if you are not driving. The distance to the airport from the Holiday Inn is only 2.9 kilometres and will only take you around 5 minutes to get to the terminal building.

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