What Is Student Life Like In Limerick?

What Is Student Life Like In Limerick?

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Limerick hosts 3 major universities and colleges and is one of the best in Ireland. Ireland is a great place to study. Over 35000 foreign students study in Ireland from over 131 countries. Living in Limerick can be a great experience for students of all ages and nationalities.

You can work as you study in Ireland, unlike some other countries. You can work up to 20 hours per week. During other times of the year, you can work up to 40 hours a week during the summer months. This is very beneficial to foreign students as you never have enough surplus cash when you’re keeping up your college social life!!.

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Ireland is renowned as a country of scholars. We have hundreds of years of history of great writers, poets, and academics. We pride ourselves on giving a great education and a positive college experience.

Learning the English language is easy in Ireland, people are very friendly and willing to help you along the way. We as a people have a lot of patience with students on their path of learning. It’s easy to find part-time work as a student here in the Emerald Isle!

These part-time jobs can lead to a career when you finish college. Ireland and Limerick are very green aesthetic places to live and learn. Jump on board and enjoy the rhythm of life as a student on our beautiful island.

University Of Limerick (UL)

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The University of Limerick (UL) is the largest of the three located in Limerick. The University of Limerick was founded in 1972. Sinn Fein leader Mary Lou McDonald graduated from there also. It’s situated near the river Shannon on 340 acres of land. It’s quite an awesome place to study.

The university is situated just a few kilometers outside the city center there are lots of buses running frequently to UL. There’s also a taxi rank on the University grounds. The University of Limerick boasts some state-of-the-art sports facilities.

Limerick’s local government is based on a city and county council, each managing the city and county areas, which some people find very interesting.

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The Munster Rugby team train at the University of Limerick and also the Limerick inter-county hurling and football teams. Athletics is a big part of college life at UL. There’s a 50-meter swimming pool on campus too. There is a major music school in UL to check out!

There’s a famous Concert Hall in UL, and many world-renowned artists and singers come to perform there. UL has a recruitment agency on campus too. There’s a bar on campus, the Stables it’s called. It’s a large bar with lots of benches for seating and plenty of drinks to choose from. The taxi rank is located just outside the stables bar.

In your spare time, while in Limerick you can visit Kings Johns Castle when your not studying!

Limerick Institute Of Technology (LIT)

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Limerick (LIT) is where most trade apprentices do their theory work on campus as part of their apprenticeship training. Electricians, carpenters, mechanics and plumbers, and many more trades go to learn their skills at LIT. It’s a smaller college than the University of Limerick. The college hosts many science-based courses too. There are regular buses running to LIT. There’s also plenty of parking on-site too.

Limerick Institute of Technology has a 96% success rate of a student finding employment upon completion of their course. Also, 50% of these students gain employment in the Midwest area of Ireland. The student-lecturer ratio is excellent which means you won’t be left out while you are studying here.

Lecturers are easy to find and always willing to chat and give advice. You can easily arrange a meeting with them anytime. It’s one of the fastest-growing colleges in the country. And LIT will be expanding very soon.  It’s a great college to get your trade-in. Situated in the Moylish area of Limerick, not far from the toll motorway connecting all roads to LIT. It’s very easy to get to.

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It also has a bus stop located outside the college and student accommodation close by. Residents in the area are very friendly and helpful. There is a 24-hour petrol station (fuel station) close by and a few chippers (fast food) located close by.

The road to the city centre passes through Thomondgate a very historical area of Limerick and via the Treaty Stone and Thomond bridge and onto King Johns Castle. A stone’s throw from LIT is the home ground of Munster Rugby Thomond Park Stadium.

If you are attending college in LIT, you should attend one of these games the atmosphere is electric. The Gaelic Grounds are close by too which is home to the Limerick hurling team and one of the major GAA stadiums in Ireland. The Gaelic Grounds holds more people than Thomond park. Both venues are key to Limerick’s brilliant sports culture. Limerick is a great sporting county.

It prides itself on perseverance and team effort. This is embedded in the youth from a very young age. So LIT is centrally positioned for the ultimate study/sporting experience. Go for it you will enjoy it!

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Mary Immaculate College

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Mary Immaculate College is compared with Trinity College in Dublin when it comes to training students to teach young children and adults in Primary and Secondary schools. Mary Immaculate College was opened in 1898, so it’s over 100 years old.

The cool stone building adds to the great atmosphere created on campus. Mixing old with new approaches to learning. The staff is second to none with a very high standard of teaching subjects to students. There are some nuns and priests on campus too. They’re great people to chat with about any difficulties one may have as a student.

Mary I is a smaller campus compared to UL but its sporting facilities are fantastic. There are some pitches on campus, and it boasts a modern sports arena on campus. This College was run by nuns in the past. As you walk around the older buildings you really get a sense of what it would have been like to study there years ago.

There are a lot of religious statues, stained glass, and decor around the college. But Mary I is not inclusive of students with Catholic beliefs. Many races from all over the world pay fees to study in this top-class teaching college.

There’s a canteen with good food on campus. You can study philosophy, media, history, English, music, Irish, maths, religion, and languages in Mary I. Some students go further than a degree and complete a master’s on campus. Mary I is a very spiritually rewarding college to attend.

Mary Immaculate has a fantastic library, steeped with Irish history and folklore. A very interesting library to read through. The building of Mary Immaculate is beautiful to look at by nightfall. Its got lovely lights all over the place. It’s an old building at the front of the house. The college has the Lime Tree Theatre which holds events, it’s a cool place to go!

Great Surroundings

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The University of Limerick has many buildings. Some with interesting sculptures monuments and some water feature too. You could spend a day just walking around the grounds it’s delightful. It has a super running track also. LIT is going to extend its campus due to demand. This expansion is going to bring up the student capacity for LIT.

All 3 Colleges are excellent places to study and keep a healthy sporting life and of course a social life. Each college has a well ran student union. There are lots of fun events throughout the year.

All bars and nightclubs give concessions with your student card. Students from all over the world come to study in Limerick. Language is not a barrier here in limerick. There are a lot of job agencies in Limerick.

Limerick has a high rate of employment after completing college. Students are highly regarded by the economy of Limerick. We all look forward to the start of the semester.

This is when the city center comes alive with eager students of all ages and nationalities. Student life is fun and active in Limerick. There are buses running in and out of all colleges on a daily basis. The University of Limerick has lots of accommodation options on campus.

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The market quarter in Limerick city center really comes alive on student nights out. The Icon nightclub and many other pubs are based around this area. You will have no hassle getting a taxi home late at night, there are loads of nice taxis in Limerick.

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These taximen love the craic and chat to all students about their night out on the tiles. There are plenty of well-experienced security guards around the market quarter.

You can get a special deal on pizza in most chippers too. Students are at the heart of Limericks nightlife. They bring a smile to all our faces.

Traveling Around Ireland

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You can unwind from college on the weekend and take trips to County Clare and see some amazing coastline, and beautiful places like the Cliffs of Moher, and the village of Doolin or maybe go surfing in Lahinch. Clare is full of lush green countryside.

Limerick has loads to see and do, King John Castle in Limerick is one of the major tourist attractions in the city to check out.

Buses go to the Cliffs of Moher from Arthurs Quay in the city center and you get a student discount with your student card. Groups go sailing and kayaking on Lough Derg in Killaloe a lot. UL has a base at the lake in Killaloe there. It’s only 25 minutes from Limerick and it’s a great spot for some cool outdoor activities there are loads of other cities in Ireland that have some cool stuff to see, Cork, Dublin, and Galway are must-see locations while in Ireland.

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