Things to See and Do in Mayo Ireland

Things to see and do in Mayo Ireland

Mayo Ireland
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Mayo is a great place to visit for a weekend or for a week or two, it’s full of some really wonderful scenic areas, historic sites, cool castles and great people. The Mayo people are amicable and helpful.  The meaning of the word Mayo in Irish is “ Contae Mhaigh Eo” meaning plain of the yew trees.

Mayo has a population of 135,000 people. Mayo is located in the West of Ireland in the province of Connacht and inarguably one of the bests parts of the Emerald Isle. The area got it names from the village of Mayo and formerly Mayo abbey.  

Mayo is 252.5 kilometres from the capital city of Dublin, this journey would take you about three and a half hours depending on traffic and weather conditions! Mayo is somewhere you need to see while visiting Ireland, add it to your bucket list!!!

Take in Annagh Bay

Annagh Bay Ireland
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Ananagh bay is an amazing place to visit, it’s home to Irelands lowest level corrie lake and an unreal beach. If you’re into hiking and walking this is the spot to visit while in Mayo, it’s a wonderful area.

There are a few spots for swimming at Annagh Bay, you can take the plunge in the West of Ireland!!! The surrounding landscapes of mountains, lakes and loughs make Annagh bay a must-see while in Mayo. You will love this place, and take loads of photos of the natural beauty that Annagh Bay is! It’s a good idea to bring good hiking boots and depending on the time of year, either a jacket or raincoat.

Take Ferry out to Clare island

clare island Ireland
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The beauty that is Clare island, it’s an island located in Clew Bay.  The population of the island is 150 people. The island is surrounded by two other islands, Inishturk and Caher Island.

You can get out to the island by a Ferry at Roonagh Quay. There are a large number of activities to do on the Island, there’s bird watching, crafts and horse-riding lessons. Then there are some cool heritage sites, orienteering and raft building activities, if that not enough to keep you going there’s kayaking and some vegetarian cookery courses.  The scenery is amazing on the island! You have to check it out!

Stop off at Downpatrick Head

Dun Briste sea stack Ireland
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The village of Ballycastle in County Mayo is a windy little village full of Irish charm. Downpatrick Head is a lovely spot to pull up and park your vehicle and check out the views.

The name Downpatrick goes back to the time of Saint Patrick who has a church in the area and hence got the name Downpatrick, what is left of the old church can still be seen in Downpatrick.

Downpatrick used to be a massive pilgrim spot.  Downpatrick is home to the amazing Dun Briste sea stack, the sea stack dates back millions of years, and this sea stack is incredibly still standing, its a site to see. The sea stack is 45 metres tall (150 feet), its definitely a sea stack you will want a photo of!!!

Stay in Ashford Castle

Ashford castle ireland
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In Ireland, we have loads of castles but Ashford has to be one of the best kept, biggest and most luxurious. This 5-star hotel was formerly as Anglo-Norman castle dating back to the year 1228.  This famous castle has links to the Guinness family who founded one of the worlds most loved drinks. Guinness aka the black stuff! The castle was turned into a top-class hotel in the late 1930s.

Ashford Castle has seen many famous people stay there over the years including John Wayne. The grounds are amazing and there is plenty to do while staying in this 5 star, golf, fishing, tennis and boat cruising, its one of the best hotels in Ireland to be fair, if you’re looking for somewhere special to stay, this is the place!!!

Visit Cong Village

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The village of Cong is close to Ashford Castle. The village Cong is around an hours drive from Westport, Mayo. Cong is linked to Oscar Wilde and John Wayne.  Oscar Wilde spent a good bit of time in his home in Moyura close to Cong and the family spent many days in Cong.

Oscar Wilde wrote about his experiences in Cong. The actor John Wayne spent six weeks in Cong while filming the famous movie the Quiet Man. Cong has many visitors each year and is a very popular village with lots of tourist’s popping in for a look and a pint or two!!

The area has some interesting old historic buildings to check out!  There is a really nice statue in Cong of John Wayne holding a young Maureen O Hara, its a nice statue to see!!

Pop over to Mulranny

Mulranny beach Ireland
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Mulranny is a beautiful area to visit, either to go for a peaceful walk or maybe go swimming or sightseeing. Mulranny is part of “The Great Western Greenway”, the area is very well known as it was designated a European Destination of Excellence. The area has loads to see, lots of old sites and some amazing landscape with some beautiful sandy beaches. 

The amazing 42 kilometres of “The Great Western Greenway” has some extraordinary scenery to see. The sections from Mulranny to Newport covers around 18 kilometres, this route is known for its historic sites and stunning Irish landscape.

The area has a huge amount of wildlife. The surrounding mountains and beaches are what makes Ireland so appealing, its natural raw beauty. Its something to see, you will enjoy it!

Drink a few pints in Mc Brides Westport

pint of Guinness
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Westport is a great town for having the craic. The town has a beautiful design with colourful shop and pub fronts. Westport has many good pubs that serve good Guinness, I’m going to mention Mc Brides pub in Westport!

This pub has a lovely pint of Guinness, tall and creamy cold Guinness ahh you can’t beat it! The pub is located in 35/36 Bridge Street Westport. The interior décor is full of character, this pub serves good food. It’s perfect for a bit of lunch after a busy morning sightseeing!

Climb Croagh Patrick

Croagh Patrick
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Climbing Croagh Patrick is a challenge, but it is a challenge worth doing because when you get to the top you will see some of the nicest scenery in Ireland!!! The famous mountain and its ancient history is connected to the great Saint Patrick. Large amounts of people gather each year to climb the mountain.

The summit of the mountain is where the great man Saint Patrick fasted. Saint Patrick fasted for 40 days. There is a nice statue of the great man on the Croagh Patrick. Climbing the mountain will get the heart going, bring good gear with, boots, a jacket, and a hat and gloves depending on the weather of course!!! It’s a great way to experience the wild wilderness of Ireland by climbing this amazing mountain!

Visit Louisburgh

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Louisburgh is located 14-miles from Westport. This town is in an attractive location being close to Westport and Lennane. Louisburgh is 6 kilometres from Roonagh Pier where you can get the ferry to Clare Island. There are a number of scenic drives close to Louisburgh.

Louisburg is located on the beautiful Atlantic coastline, the area has a number of amazing beaches that are known for its clean waters. The sandy beaches are something to see and there’s a good few to check out in the area, Tallabawn (Sliver Strand) Bertra and Killadonmn just to mention a few!

Louisburgh is a lovely little town, the surrounding areas are just beautiful, you have to pop over for a look if you are visiting Mayo!

Visit Knock!

knock ireland
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Knock has loads to offer, it’s a holy part of Ireland that many people love. Knock’s Shrine is a centre of prayers and international pilgrimage. Knock seen some apparitions of Our Lady, Saint John and Saint Joesph back in the year 1879, the events were witnessed by 15 people.  A young girl from Clare Morris was cured of deafness by the apparitions.

Pope John Paul II came to Knock in 1979 to commemorate the apparitions. Knock is visited by 1.5 million people per year, it’s one of Ireland’s most holy sites. Large amounts of people, flock to Knock and they love to go to pray and explore all Knock has to offer. The churches and the shrine are set on a 100 acre of amazingly landscaped gardens!!

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