How to get to Ladies View Killarney

How to get to Ladies View Killarney

Ladies View kerry
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Ladies view is a viewpoint that has to be seen to be believed. It’s one of the best in Kerry and without a doubt one of the nicest in Ireland. The viewpoint is located outside the town of Killarney. The road up to Ladies view has some amazing scenery.

You will go uphill into the national park area of Killarney and see some fantastic scenery. Lakes, mountains and forestry will surround you on route to this famous viewpoint.

The viewpoint is located 12 miles from Killarney on the scenic N71 roadway, travelling towards Kenmare direction. In 2017 a couple on holidays in Ireland almost had an accident at Ladies view, they almost managed to drive their rental car of the edge of the cliffs. So be warned the roads are narrow and can be dangerous, so take your time and plan ahead!

Helpful Map

This map shows the route from Killarney to one of the best viewpoints in Kerry!

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History of Ladies View

Ladies View kerry ireland
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Ladies view got its name back in the day when the famous Queen Victoria visited Killarney from the UK. The queen’s ladies in waiting were amazed when they visited the viewpoint. Back in the year 1861 the ladies in waiting were taken to the viewpoint by horse and carriage on a royal visit and they were amazed by the viewpoint and the viewpoint was named after them!!!

Parking at Ladies View

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There is FREE parking at Ladies View, and there is a gift shop and a cafe. The parking is located on your left-hand side as you approach the cafe and shop at the viewpoint.

There is parking for a good few cars so you should have no problem getting a parking space. The gift shop sells rugs, throws and sheepskin products. The cafe sells hot and cold drink and all kinds of foods!

Post code for cafe at Ladies View – V93 X376

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Directions from Killarney

Killarney town kerry ireland
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Ladies view is 16.6 kilometres from Killnarey town

Drive towards the Muckross house direction

Drive south towards Scott street

Turn left and drive towards N71 roadway

At the roundabout, take the second exit towards Muckross house signs and Ring of Kerry roads signs

Pass the Gleneagles hotel on your left-hand side

Pass entrance to Muckross house and gardens on your right-hand side

Travel uphill towards Torc waterfall and signs for Ring of Kerry/Kenmare

After 16.6 kilometres you will arrive at Ladies views, its signposted, parking is on the left-hand side

Directions from Molls Gap to Ladies View

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Molls Gap is another amazing viewpoint in Killarney, it’s around a 10-minute drive from Molls Gap to Ladies view. The journey is just over six kilometres.

Leave Molls Gap, travel towards the northwest direction

Follow the roads signs for Ring of Kerry/N71

Drive towards the R568 roadway

After around 6.2kilometres you will arrive at Ladies viewpoint, you will see the cafe and shop and parking area.

Directions from Kenmare to Ladies View

the ring of kerry ireland
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The journey time from Kenmare to Ladies view is around 30 minutes depending on traffic. The distance is around 19 kilometres depending on what part of Kenmare you leave from. This route can be tricky to drive if you’re not experienced at driving in Ireland, so be warned and take your time driving this route.

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Use this postcode for the Café at Ladies View for navigation apps – V93 X376

Drive northwest toward the Square in Kenmare

Take a left turn onto the Ring of Kerry/N70 and Sneem road

Travel on the N70/Ring of Kerry/ roadway

Turn right after 5.4 kilometres into the journey

Take a sharp left after 9.6 kilometres into the journey.

Directions from Sneem to Ladies View

Sneem Kerry ireland
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The journey from the Sneem village to Ladies views is around 35 kilometres, everything going well as we say in Ireland you should be able to drive it in around 45 minutes. It’s actually a beautiful road to drive full of fantastic scenery, mountain ranges, lakes and beautiful Irish county side.

Leave Sneem village via the southwest direction on the R568 roadway onto the Ring of Kerry/N70/South Sqaqure

Take a left turn at the first cross onto the Ring of Kerry roadway

Take a left turn after 4 kilometres into the journey

Drive towards the area of Derrygarrane

Take a right hand turn 9.6 kilometres into the journey on the R568 road

Take a left turn onto the N71/Ring of Kerry road

The parking area and cafe will be on the left-hand side (you have arrived), its signposted!

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