Getting from Dublin Airport to Cork by BUS (FULL GUIDE)

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Are you looking for a way to get from Dublin Airport to Cork that’s economical, efficient, and dare we say, downright witty? Look no further than the bus! Enjoy free WiFi on your journey as you relax in comfort and arrive at your destination in no time – how charming! Not convinced yet? Why not take advantage of the low fare rates for students, seniors and those with disabilities? And don’t worry about lugging all your bags around; there’s plenty of room for large luggage.

What’s more, you can plan your trip with ease from the convenience of home through an online booking system. So what are you waiting for – book your bus journey today – it’ll be a hoot!
Bus operators in Dublin offer daily direct services between the airport and Cork, taking approximately 2hrs 40 minutes to make the journey.

Depending on the operator, travellers will be able to board one of several modern and comfortable coaches, such as Aircoach, Dublin Coach or Bus Eireann and All of these buses are air-conditioned and fitted with modern safety features, while some travel in complete comfort with more legroom, toilets, Wi-Fi and USB charging ports.

When departing from Dublin Airport, passengers should go to Terminals 1 or 2 and look for the Dublin Bus or Aircoach desks, where tickets can be purchased and luggage check-in. Once on board, the bus will make a few stops for other travellers en route, such as at Penneys, a popular department store, before travelling through the stunning Irish countryside, passing towns and villages, offering travellers the opportunity to experience the beautiful Irish landscape.

When arriving in Cork, travellers will arrive at the Patrick’s Street bus terminal, located in the city centre and close to several popular attractions, shopping centres, restaurants and bars. Here, travellers can purchase tickets for onward travel, such as train, tram or other buses, or catch a taxi or private vehicle for their final destination.

All-in-all, the Dublin Airport to Cork Ireland bus is an effortless, convenient way to get to Cork from the airport with minimal fuss, and the modern and comfortable coaches provide travellers with many options to make the journey as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

Travel Time By Bus From Dublin Airport to Cork Ireland

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Travelling from Dublin airport to Cork Ireland via bus is an economical and convenient option for those looking for a slower-paced mode of transport.

A number of companies offer this service, with direct and non-stop buses taking approximately 3 hours and 30 minutes to 4 hours depending on stops, traffic and weather conditions along the route.

Tickets can be booked in advance online as well as at airport kiosks or directly from the driver; all services provide plenty of onboard luggage storage space and accessibility options such as priority seating. Passengers may also enjoy complimentary Wi-Fi access throughout their journey to keep them entertained and connected without worrying about overage charges.

Bus Companies Operating Services From Dublin Airport to Cork

Dublin Coach

Heading to Cork? Upgrade your mode of transport and avoid the hassle of travelling by car or train with a luxurious Dublin Coach. Just take a short journey from Dublin Airport and you’ll find yourself being whisked away in style, courtesy of our signature service that offers the ultimate combination of comfort, convenience, and speed.

Whether you choose our Standard Class option for an affordable ride or upgrade to Executive Class for the full VIP treatment—complete with leather seats, onboard WiFi, and complimentary refreshments—we guarantee you’ll arrive at your destination relaxed and refreshed!

You can get a bus from Dublin Airport to red cow Luas stop and change buses to Andersons Quay Cork then

Check the Dublin Coach website here

Go Ireland is Ireland’s complete travel solution – making it easier than ever to hop around the Emerald Isle! From bustling city streets to the wild countryside, they’ve got you covered with convenient routes and unbeatable prices. Whether you’re exploring a new part of the country on holiday or getting from A to B for work, ensures an affordable and hassle-free experience. You’ll be saying ‘see ya later’ to sleepless bus rides, missed connections, and pricey tickets once you take a GoBus journey!

You can catch this bus a zone 10 stop 2 in Dublin Airport to cork

Check the website here

Bus Eireann Ireland

Bus Eireann is Ireland’s go-to bus service provider, with irrefutable repute as the no.1 option for transit throughout the country. Whether you’re looking to get a few stops down or across the lush green countryside, Bus Eireann has your ticket to reliable, comfortable and affordable transport- bliss! With everything from luxury coaches on some routes to super savers fares on others, they provide a range of services that will take care of all your travel needs. But don’t forget – Bus Eireann drivers always have witty comments up their sleeves, so be sure to have your comedy hat at the ready if you’re planning a trip any time soon!

You can catch this bus from terminal 2 at Dublin airport

Check the Bus Eireann website here

Getting From Dublin Airport to Cork With Airlink Express

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If you’re travelling from Dublin Airport to Cork City, start by taking the Airlink 747 from Dublin Airport to Dublin City Centre. The Airport, located 10 km north of the city centre, is accessible by consecutive buses and trains. After arriving at the Airport, you can take the Piccadilly stop line off the bus so you can easily get to the city centre.

Once you reach Dublin city centre, the next step is to access the bus terminal. Dublin’s main bus station is located in the centre of Dublin city and serves as the main entrance for all buses coming in and out of Dublin. You can find the Dublin Bus Terminal at Busaras Central Station, which can be accessed from multiple stations in the city.

Once you arrive at the Dublin Bus Terminal, you can purchase a ticket to Cork City. The journey to Cork takes approximately 3-3 ½ hours. Buses commonly used by tourists and locals alike are operated by the bus companies GoBus and BusEireann. You can purchase your ticket to Cork at the station’s ticket office where you will be routed to the appropriate station stop.

When boarding the bus, you should ensure that you have purchased the correct ticket, that your passport is valid, and that you have familiarised yourself with the luggage restrictions and other safety measures. All buses typically have overhead storage, though larger pieces of luggage will have to be stored in the compartment underneath the coach.

Once the bus is heading towards Cork, be sure to sit down and enjoy the views of the Irish countryside. Along the way, you can stop for a quick break at one of the stops, but be mindful of the times when the bus will be leaving the station.

Once the bus arrives in Cork City, it will typically stop at the main bus terminal located in the city centre. From there, you can make a quick transfer to any of the local services that run to other parts of the city and its surrounding areas.

Getting from Dublin Airport to Cork City by bus is easy and straightforward. Just be sure to purchase your ticket beforehand and familiarise yourself with the various stops and stops along the route. With that, you will have a smooth and stress-free ride to Cork City.

Check the Airlink Express website here

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