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Ebooks are so easy to use and download, they are easy and quick to download, if you're interested in visiting Ireland?
I have included some books below about Ireland, Travel guides, and Irish stuff!

Ireland Travel Guides Ebooks

This lonely planet travel guide is perfect for your trip to Ireland , it's full of useful information about the Emerald Isle. There are useful maps and embedded links for useful websites. It has a useful just landed card with lots of information you will need when you land in Ireland. This travel guide has some really nice images and its very colourful, and it includes a new accommodation feature. This travel guide includes information on Dublin, Limerick, Tipperary, Belfast, Cork, Kerry, kilkenny and much more.

Lots of great reviews on Amazon, 169 reviews in total.

This travel guide is an addition to your trip to Ireland. It's full of useful information. The travel guide includes some great Irish pubs and history information. Its includes some walking routes and some cool cycling routes. Its includes information on our world-famous landscapes, cute cottages and old castles.
This great little travel guide has lots of info on the must-see places in Ireland like Dublin, Clare and the Cliffs of Moher!
Its a great little travel guide!

Lots of reviews on Amazon 166 in total

This 2020 Travel guide has some great reviews on amazon. This travel guide offers comprehensive information on travelling the Emerald Isle. The travel guide included maps, best places to sleep, chill out and eating out advice. There are over 1000 pages, so it's a pretty big edition .
It includes information on must see places like the Ring of Kerry and the famous Rock of Cashel. Rick Steves travel guides are very popular because he does a good job, and gives loads of information that will find useful when visiting the Emerald Isle.

A large amount of reviews on Amazon, some really good ones!

Audio Books

Audio books are so handy, you just download and listen away while the book to in audio version. They have become very popular in recent years. There are all different kinds to choose from and some FREE ones once you become a member! Just login and register and connect up your headphones and off you gone into the world of Audiobooks!

Audible has 200,000 to choose from and
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Tourism Related Ebooks

This cool little downloadable parcel of knowledge is great if thinking of taking the big jump and moving to the Emerald Isle. It has loads of important information on the irish language, tax rates in Ireland. Loads of information on the Irish property market, and the Irish transport network. It explains the difference between north and south Ireland, and the Irish economy and the costs of things in the Emerald Isle.

If your thinking of moving to the Emerald Isle this is a must have!

All 5 star reviews!!!

This travel companion is great if want to know lots of information about the Emerald Isle, including info on the DNA of the Irish. the book explains the history of languages in Ireland, mythology information. A cool part on where did the red hair come from!! there is loads of info on the famous Irish hostipitality, Irish music and the Irish wit! If you want to know about the potato famine this little electronic format has plenty of info about this dark chapter of Irish history.

All 5 stars ratings on Amazon

The Wild Atlantic Way is one of Ireland's most beautiful areas, its some roadtrip to drive, its possibly the best road trip in the world!!! The Kindle format is very reasonably priced at 7.99, it's great value. Paul the author explains about the Wild Atlantic Way, its beauty and some interesting facts about the West of the Emerald Isle!
He includes loads of interesting information about the best road trip in the world, The Wild Atlantic Way is just amazing, and it a must see if your coming to Ireland on holidays.

Some good rating about this ebook

Irish Ebooks

Bobby Sands died as a hunger striker in Northern Ireland in 1981. what happened him was awful, he spent 9 years in prison and died on hunger strike in May 1981. This e-book explains about Bobby Sands bravery, the suffering of the northern Ireland troubles, and how it affected people and families in such a huge way.
There is a full account of Bobby Sands life and the events that lead to his death that should never have been allowed to happen.

This ebook had lots of great ratings

Mary Mc Aleese is a former President of the Emerald Isle, she grew up in Northern Ireland. This ebook is a full account of her life. she talks about her involvement in the northern Ireland peace agreement and her friendship with English prime ministers , royalty and even some popes. There is information on her disapproval of certain aspects of the catholic church.
this ebook is Mary own account of her experiences and it's a very interesting ebook.

This ebook covers the history of the potato famine in the Emerald Isle. it explains the difficulties that Irish people endured during his dark period. Its a story of immigration and starvation of the Irish people that suffered so badly during this period. It explains the immigration that helped to build almost 80 million Irish americans in the US. the book explains England role in this awful time in Irish history and Anti-Irish sentiment in England at the time that affect Ireland so badly.

Huge amount of great reviews for this ebook

Funny Ebooks

The Emerald Isle is known for its wit and one liners, jokes and having the craic. This great little joker has plenty of laughs included. Its has information on many writers Irish poets, plenty of comedians and some irish politicians.
James Joyce, Bono and Sinead O Connor just to mention a few. There are plenty of irish quotes and lots of great irish humour! You have to check it out!

A lot of reviews for the USA!

Who doesn't love a good joke! In ireland we have loads of good one liners. Our jokes are loved worldwide. We in the Emerald isle are known of our wit and humour and we enjoy jokes. You have Kerryman jokes, Paddy and Mick jokes. Limerick ae full of wit and are just a few short line of interesting humour related poems. Leprechaun jokes are great craic,even the Leprechauns love having the craic in ireland!!

Just a few reviews, should be more!

Irish Recipes Ebooks

This ebook has some great recipes to try. if you're into food this book is a must for you. Our food is known worldwide, who doesn't like a good stew or bacon and cabbage. three are some really nice Christmas recipes and bread recipes, sauces, tasty soups, starts you name it this ebook has it!
its has some nice treat recipes and delicious desserts and cakes.

4.7 rating on Amazon, really good!

150 good recipes that's a good recipe book for you, if you try all these you will have an Irish pallet! Everything from meat gravy to sweet carrots and the famous apple tarts or apple pie as it called in the USA. We love a good apple tart with ice cream or custard or both!
There is whiskey Chicken and handmade Irish sausages, then there's cherry cake and of course an Irish stew, we love Guinness stew in the Emerald Isle.

loads of good ratings and reviews!