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Cool Irish Gear

This funny little kit for Saint Patrick's day or Halloween is just class! Its a 16 piece set to help you look like an Irish Leprechaun! You can dress all and fell like a real Leprechaun on Saint Patrick's Day!
There's a few different badges in the kit and some cool shamrock adjustable suspenders, a cool pair of green glasses! There is a cool retro green bowtie and the green hat is just really funny!

You will look like a real Leprechaun!

This really nice designed Celtic knot stainless steel ring is savage! The celtic design is known for for their adaptation and use in the ornamentation of Christian monuments. Celtic design is was also used in manuscripts including the 8th century St. Teilo Gospels and the world famous Book of Kells. Celtic design jewellery has become very popular worldwide nowadays is available in all different types and designs.

Feel like celt with this nice ring!

The Aran jumper is a jumper that gets it name from the Aran Islands off the west coast of ireland. The jumper are made from wool, and were knitted from unscoured wool that retained its natural oils, this helped to make the Aran Jumper waterproof!This makes the Aran jumper special because they can be still worn even when wet!
They are extremely warm jumper, and will keep you warm and dry!
They are very popular in ireland and the USA.

This beautiful canvas of the Cliffs of Moher Ireland is a perfection addition to your home, it shows the cliffs in all its glory! This canvas is available in four different sizes, so you can pick the best size that fit best for you! the Cliffs of Moher is one of Ireland's best sites to visit, everyone loves it and they remember it for years as one of their favorite places in the Emerald Isle!
The canvas is made from a natural timber frame and stretch onto the frame to give a maximum impact of the image of the cliffs.

This Irish music CD is called Whiskey in the Jar Essential Irish Drinking Songs & Sing Alongs, tis a great cd to put on after a few whiskeys!
Irish music just warms your soul and its loved all over the world. We irish are known for singing,dancing and music. Some of the musicians play multiple Irish music instruments, they are multi talented.
There's nothing better that a good Irish traditional music session, so you have to check out this CD.

This Royal Tara Irish Weave Ceramic Pot Stand has the beautiful Claddagh Ring design on it. The Claddagh ring is named after a small village in Galway, The Claddagh ring which represents love, loyalty, and friendship. This pot stand has cool funky Irish design, it's very stylish!
The Celtic design with the Claddagh ring and the green colours look really well.
Tis a very nice pot stand!

This Cead Mile Failte plaque is a bronzed design, it looks very nice. The term Cead Mile Failte means 100,000 of the thousand welcomes, Ireland is known for hospitality and we love the term Cead Mile Failte, it's Irish of course! We enjoy giving people a warm welcome and making them at home,e in Ireland, it's an Irish thing! This plaque is 9x 6 and its made in the Emerald Isle! You have to support Irish businesses!

This hot Medieval Irish Costume is perfect for Halloween or Saint Patricks Day, The design is really nice its got the look from the medieval period! there's nothing like dressing up for the craic and having a good time on Saint Patricks Day! We love Paddy day in the Emerald Isle, everybody goes out and has the craic! the costume is available in eighteen different colours, its the way to go for that special event! You will feel like your in the medieval period!

This Shamrock Butterfly suncatcher is made with glass. These super cool Irish Celtic suncatchers are perfect for Saint Patrick's Day , they are cool decorations. They are a perfect gift for a family member. They are a perfect gift for mother's day or a birthday present. A really nice feature is the Precious Mom that is engraved onto the silver hanging heart, it's a must have gift for Mothers day !!!

This great recipe book is called "Our Irish Grannies Recipes" the Irish grannies are known for there great meals and recipes.
This book is full of nice recipes, breads, soups, coddle and traditional baked scones which are served with creamery butter, jam and sometimes served with freshly whipped cream and jam! Our grannies are known for baking, apple tarts, tasty bread including Irish soda bread.

This recipe book is a must have for all Irish Americans!

This cool 8 Inch USA IRELAND Bodhrán is a handmade I musical Instrument. The Bodhran is a drum played all over Ireland. The drum produces a crisp musical sound. Its come with a hardwood bodhran beater that you hit the Bodhran which produces the magical sound that everyone loves! This Bodhran has an Irish and American design which show the connection that Ireland and America have for many decades.

This Claddagh Ring design cutting board is 11.75 inches in sizes, its perfect gift for a friend or family member. The Claddagh ring represents Love, Loyalty and Friendship!
This cutting board is made from glass so it's easy to clean and doesn't mark like a wooden chopping board. the design is really nice with the green and yellow and the Claddagh ring showing in the middle of the chopping board.

This Missmay Women's vintage lace Long dress is really nice looking especially in the green colour. The dress is available in five different colours, it is 90 nylon and 10 cotton and comes with a zipper enclosure. It's a really nice looking dress with the dark green being a popular colour in Ireland. The cool elegant full Lace overlay looks very well, it is suitable for wedding and parties.
Tis a real Irish look!

This super retro Royal & Awesome Men's Golf Hat has a cool shamrock design. This hat is a really nice gold hat, it's a perfect gift. The hat is also available in other designs but this is the best because of the lucky shamrocks!
The hat has a button closure and is 97 cotton.
When you have this hat on playing golf you will hopefully get a hole in one because of the luck of the Irish!
Tis a lucky hat!