Best Things to do in Killarney

Best Things to do in Killarney

Jaunting car Killarney Kerry
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Killarney is a town in Kerry in the south-west region of Ireland. Killarney is a great town to visit, it had plenty of cool attractions to see, really nice hotels and B&B and some great self-catering accommodation options.

Killarney has loads of visitors every year, Irish people and tourists just love Killarney, they love visiting the town and surrounding areas on holidays and Irish people flock there on weekends for short breaks and holidays.

Killarney has loads to keep you busy for a few days at least or even longer than that! The town has some great traditional Irish pubs like the Danny man, The Laurels and Reidy’s pub.

The Ring of Kerry route is linked to Killarney because you start off the route leaving Killarney and finish the route arriving at Moll Gaps and driving back into the Killarney via the Muckross road!

Killarney is a great town for shopping, there is a huge amount of nice retail shops, selling everything from Guinness merchandise to top-class clothing and Irish made products.

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Check out Muckross House and Gardens!

Muckross House Kerry Ireland 2
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Muckross House is located just outside the town, this 17th-century mansion is located in one of Ireland’s most beautiful National Parks, full of lakes, nice mountain ranges and picturesque scenery.

The house is a major tourist attraction in Kerry, it’s a cool place to spend a few hours. They is a restaurant on-site, a gift shop and traditional farm attraction. You can sit outside and admire the beautiful gardens and have a nice meal at the garden restaurant.

The lands and gardens are in fantastic shape, the house is located right next to Muckross lake, tis unreal! You can take a tour of the house and see the beautiful design of this old mansion house.

In 1861 Queen Victoria came over from the UK to stay at Muckross house. You need to add this to your bucket list while visiting Killarney!

Take a look at Torc Water Fall!

Torc Waterfall Kerry Ireland 3
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Torc waterfall is located a few minutes from Killarney town, it around a 10 minutes drive from the town centre. You will pass some beautiful scenery travelling uphill towards Torc Waterfall from Killarney.

There is a parking area where you can park. Torc waterfall is located around 200 metres from the parking area. Its one of the nicest natural attractions to see in Killarney, who doesn’t like a nice waterfall! Torc Waterfall can reach 20 metres high after rainfall. It’s a beautiful site to see!

Check out Ross Castle and take a boat tour!

Ross Castle Killarney Kerry Ireland
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Ross Castle is located a few minutes from the town of Killarney, The castle is located on one of the lower lakes of Killarney. Ross Castle dates back to the 15th century.

You can take a boat tour from Ross Castle out on the lake and see some beautiful scenery, and get some nice photos. The castle is a nice place to visit in the evening time, the castle looks great with some nice lighting and you can get some amazing photos!

The castle has had some refurbishment works done over the years, it’s in great shape for such an old building. Ross Castle was the last castle in the Munster region of Ireland to be taken over by Cromwell forces back in the day!

Take a walk around Killarney House and Gardens!

Killarney House and Gardens are located on the edge of Killarney town. The house is free to visit, its a really nice place to go for a walk and check out this cool house and the gardens, its just fantastic.

The house has a long history, the original house on the site was built in the early 18th century, this house was destroyed in a fire in 1913. The house was purchased by the Mc Shain family, John and Mary Mc Shain.

Mr Mc Shain was a property developer from the US, he sold the house and lands to the Irish state with the provision that his family could use the house and lands as a summer home for the rest of there lives.

The house was completely refurbished in 2014 and reopened to the public in 2016. You can visit the house and gardens for FREE! It’s a beautiful place to visit, you have to check it out!

Take a Jaunting Car Ride into Killarney National Park!

Jaunting Car Ride Kerry Ireland
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Jaunting cars have been operating in Killarney for 220 years, it’s one of those memorable things you will enjoy in Killarney. There’s nothing like being taking around on a horse and carriage!

You can catch a ride from the town centre or from a few different locations around Killarney, you can pop over to Ross Castle on a jaunting car or over to the National Park and Muckross house and gardens, its great fun! The drivers of the Jaunting cars have great knowledge and will tell you some interesting stories and loads of history information, they will tell you plenty of interesting facts. Its great craic!

Try some Whiskey tasting in the Celtic Whiskey Bar and Larder!

Celtic Whiskey bar and Larder Killarney
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We have loads of good whiskeys in Ireland! The Celtic Whiskey Bar and Larder in Killarney Town has 1,000 Irish whiskeys to choose from. The bar is really nice with some cool lighting, and they serve great food and craft beers!

You can order whiskey online from there website which is very handy! They serve cocktails and a really good food menu, mussels and fillet of beef are on offer.

You can try the Whiskey tasting which will give you a few different types of whiskey to taste, you can try the diffident favours from some old too new type of Irish whiskeys!

The Celtic Whiskery Bar and Larder has a good range of craft beers too try, you have to check it out! Its a pub you won’t wanna leave or maybe stay for a few hours!!

Spend the evening at the Celtic Steps Show!

The Celtic Steps show is a brilliant way to spend the evening, you will see some amazing Irish dancers! This show is a full-on performance of traditional Irish music and Irish dancing that will delight you. The show features some really good traditional Irish musicians and some world champion Irish dancers.

The show features Sean Downes whos Irish dancing will amaze you, he can move his feet so quickly, it’s an amazing sight to see. Tickets are priced at 30.00 euros, it’s really worth it!

The shows take place in the grounds of Killarney racecourse and sometimes, they have an outdoor show which is pretty amazing with the backdrop of the mountains in the background, It’s another one you need to add to your bucket list!

Take a trip up to Ladies View!

Ladies viewpoint Killarney Kerry
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Ladies viewpoint is located in such a nice area, it will blow you away! Ladies view is located around a twelve-mile drive for Killarney town on N71 road travelling towards the Kenmare direction!

You can see the Mac Gillycuddy reeks mountain range from Ladies view, and the Purple mountain from this amazing viewpoint, even better on a clear day you will see the Gap of Dunloe too. It’s a beautiful viewpoint that just shows the natural beauty that makes Killarney so special and scenic. Ladies View is FREE to visit!

Check out Aghadoe Viewpoint!

Aghadoe Viewpoint Kerry Ireland
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This is probably the nicest viewpoint in Killarney and in all of Kerry, it’s an amazing spot! It’s FREE to visit. Aghadoe Viewpoint is directly across the road from Aghadoe Heights Hotel.

It’s one of those places that you will just say “o my god!” It’s a beautiful viewpoint that shows the lakes of Killarney and the landscape that make Killarney so famous!

Aghadoe viewpoint is located outside the town of Killarney towards the Limerick direction on the N21 road, the hotel is signposted just off the N21 outside Killarney, it’s about a 10-minute drive from Killarney town to Aghadoe viewpoint!

You can check out Aghadoe Cathedral which is right next to the viewpoint, this old building dates back to 939 AD, its steeped in history. Make sure to bring your camera to Aghadoe viewpoint!

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