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Hello and Welcome to All Things Ireland!

My name is John Conway,

I love All Things Ireland and I love the Emerald Isle. I live in a beautiful country full of history, cool sites and great scenery. Ireland has a lot to offer visitors, lots of attractions and lots of history. The aim of my website is to give you some useful information and content about the Emerald Isle, places to see when travelling around the Emerald Isle and information on things to do. I’m hoping to give you a taste of Ireland and all its beauty.

Here in Ireland, we have a lot to offer, visitor sites, golf, boat trips, pints of Guinness, craft beers, bacon and cabbage and the list goes on. I got into online stuff a while back and I’m still learning about online businesses but I do understand the tourism sector. I have travelled with many groups, meeting people at first at the airport and getting to know them over the coming days.

I have had some great fun meeting people and families and getting to know them, then after a while becoming their friends on Facebook. I love the Irish American connection. The Emerald Isle is full of interesting places to visit from underground caves to old Celtic high crosses. We have some really cool old medieval castles to see, add them to your bucket list!

SO if you want to see Ireland, drop me an email on allthingirelandinfo@gmail.com, I will mail you back and help you if I can. Ireland is full of great beaches, cool tourist attractions, really old sites and great Irish pubs. If you want to have the craic (means having fun) come to the Emerald Isle and see the real fun in the pubs and the real craic that is part of our culture.

Sometimes the weather isn’t always good in Ireland!!!! Our climate isn’t our best asset!

There are many beautiful parts of Ireland, the Rock of Cashel, the Cliffs of Moher, the Ring of Kerry just to mention a few!!! Please see our blog page for lots of articles on interesting places to visit in the Emerald Isle.

I know some of the best sites to visit for groups of all ages in the Emerald Isle and I have experience in travelling around with groups. If you are planning a trip to the Emerald Isle, I can help you with some or all aspects of your trip. The important thing is that you plan the trip according to your needs. Its always a good idea to have a detailed travel itinerary for a group, working out the whole trip and planning each day and this can be in paper format or online format, as a PDF. Sometimes things can go against you like flight times or delays and plans can throw up in the air because of this, this is why it’s sometimes better to have a small travel planner that can allow for these problems and can make the bad experience a bit of fun if it does happen.

If you are interested in coming to Ireland or you know somebody that is coming to Ireland, drop us a line or check out my Youtube channel and we will assist you if we can!!!!

Ireland has many nice castles now turned into top-class hotels and great golf courses like the picture above is of Dromoland Castle in County Clare which is one of Ireland nicest hotels and golf courses. This hotel is a 5-star rating and is a very popular location for weddings.

This is me with a high profile visitor to the Emerald Isle who is on Brazilian TV daily. I worked for a company who were involved in the transport of a number of VIP passengers visiting Ireland including President Trump’s and Mike Pence’s visit to Ireland in 2019. I have been involved in the transport of some high profile VIP visitor’s to Limerick and County Limerick.

This is me and my other half Louise, in the photo below and we are out and about on a day trip to Lahinch County Clare. We love to travel around the Emerald Isle and we go on road trips regularly, you can see we are having the craic!!!



John C

All Things Ireland

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